Life in the Fast Lane

Eskimo Sniper 10

This is my slightly tuned version of a click compression Fast Advance deck made by @TheBigBoy. See his in-depth write up for how this was conceived and the basic strategy.

I took his original suggestion of adding 3 Fairchild 3.0s after their release, but I soon cut 1 added a Turing mainly to keep the costs down.

After looking at Russian NEH (which shares many similarities with this deck), I decided that at least 1 Subliminal Messaging was necessary as it works beautifully with Shipment from SanSan and Jeeves Model Bioroids. The cut was a single Biotic Labor. A tough call, and probably the thing to change back if you so desire.

I also completely removed Blue Level Clearance since it felt too slow for what the deck was going for. In its place are the single Best Defense (which is mainly a tech card for whatever might be giving you trouble i.e. Net-Ready Eyes) and the 2 Friends in High Places since it's more recursion. If everything is going well, you shouldn't need them. But they're there just in case.

This thing is awesome and very fun to play. Full credit to @TheBigBoy and his inspirations for this sweet deck. Hope to take it to the local store champion soon and see how well she stands.