Silver Sun v. 2.0-2nd Place @ Raven's Nest SC (Marietta, Ga)

tonybluehose 255

So this is a variant on the Silver Sun list published by Ino209 (Thanks for publishing that, by the way).

It went 2-1 in the opening 4 rounds (due to my record of 5-1, the other player and I ID'd the last round since he was in first and I was in second) only loss came to a Voltron Baba Yaga out of Andy that hit me with siphon at all the right times...namely all the time. My only "out" of that match was a desperation Aggressive Secretary that I couldn't find)

When I got into the cut, I gave up 6 agenda points but was able to come back with a kill due to an archer that essentially locked down an R & D Medium dig.

I think what's fun about this deck is the flexibility of Consulting Visit. I used it for Oversight AI, Midseasons, Scorched, HHN...I think I used it for all my key econ, kill and tag cards through the tournament. 10/10, would Consult again.

As a side note, it was the first time I made the cut and the first time I made it to a finals since I'd been playing Netrunner--so that made it a pretty cool experience.

11 Dec 2016 Ino209


I was watching your games live on stream! And was pretty sure you were on something very similar to my list. Was it you who got the Scorch kill on camera right after the cut?

11 Dec 2016 tonybluehose

Yup, that was me! I did a "delayed boom/scorch" play. My opponent played Day Job when he had 3 tags, so I knew he was going to clear on his next turn. So I boomed him just to clear out his hand (should I need to try to score out); but he didn't know I had scorch in hand and then for some reason only cleared 2 of his three tags (maybe assuming I didn't have scorch in there as well?--or perhaps to keep his hand size a bit higher with his Obelus?); nonetheless, it helped me get the kill. Was a really interesting series of events.

11 Dec 2016 Ino209

I always root for Weyland, so I was nervous when that game started looking so grim. But when I saw him play his fourth card from hand I was sure you could kill him.

12 Dec 2016 hasuprotoss

I just realized you're only playing 2 3-point agendas (for the runner, at least). Meaning my cut for High-Risk Investment was the only cut I could have to win the game when I did. Would've been interesting to see how the game would've played out if I hadn't won that turn. Great deck, very difficult to find winning lines against and you played it extremely well, dad.

12 Dec 2016 Nick!

Very nice deck! I'm the named "Voltron Baba Yaga out of Andy"! My favorite part of our game was when you installed in Oversight AI on Orion, but I was able to break all of the subs on Orion with 2 Bad Pub and 2 Credits to deny you the gain of 15 returning Orion to your hand. Congrats on finishing in second!

12 Dec 2016 tonybluehose

@hasuprotoss, you did good son, real good. Would have loved to not have you pull that three pointer, but thems the breaks--I think my ice placement in our match could have been better, but you were pressuring all the right places. Also, I have bad news. Since you won, Weyland called at I lost my moon job. You have to and live with your aunt in Corporate Town now. I'm sure it will be fine.

@MakersEyebrowyou played that game really well. The two bad pub was definitely killing me, but more so was the Votron Rig. Even without the BP, you were up and running so fast I imagine my windows for victory were going to be really small. Well played!

12 Dec 2016 hasuprotoss

Now I know how chaos theory feels on Financial Collapse :'(

30 Dec 2016 Nick!

@tonybluehose Watched your first game after the cut. You write up and the final bracket showed that you won, but after he was up 6-0 after a few turns I was sure something was wrong. Very well played. Playing against you has got me playing Blue Sun now. It's tons of fun!