Internet Fame 2.0-2nd Place @ Raven's Nest SC (Marietta, Ga)

tonybluehose 257

This is a slight (and in my opinion, slightly "more not gooder") variation on CodeMarvelous' Internet Famous

Honestly, I was just curious to see how this would do if I added On the Lam

We had 22 players at the SC, so there were four rounds of Swiss. It went 3-0 (and I ID'd the 4th round) facing off against Builder of Nations, Titan Transnational, and an ETF (In that order). As CodeMarvelous states in his write up, one of the best strategies for doing well is not facing off against CtM, so that helped.

Clot Lock on the HB FA was key there, the other two games were just careful running, picking your spots to attack, and knowing when to build your rig--which is what I like about netrunner most of all...the thinky stuff.

I won my two games in the cut by corping, so I only had to run once in the finals--where I had to face against a CtM. I'll probably go back and watch the game to see what I could have done better...but that match up is so difficult; I don't think it's impossible, but it ain't easy.

However, in the CtM match, I did get to use On the Lam, so at least I got to play that card once in the eight hours I was at the game store.

12 Dec 2016 Meristem

What did you think of Dagger over Switchblade?

12 Dec 2016 tonybluehose

Also goes in the "not gooder" category. Once Net Mercur gets going there are more than enough stealth credits to deal with stacked sentries via switchblade.

My removal was I guess in part to me going 1x with on the lam.

I think in hindsight there are ways to keep both if you want...maybe going 2x Temujin? I'm not sure.

31 Dec 2016 cwoac

On the lam is great in siphon smoke, I'm not sure I see the synergy quite as much in temujin smoke, in honesty.