Raga 44

I love Apex. I really do. But sometimes Apex doesn't love me back. And that makes me sad.

Taking note of Decision 2016 (@umbralAeronaut), I threw this together this afternoon for some games, and my goodness me, if it didn't half work...

@umbralAeronaut's changes to the Cult makes for some good progress, however, using Black Orchestra, Paperclip and MKUltra as install fodder to be eaten away make some good eats. Apex's biggest weakness was those Ice that are just to damn tricky to break simply, so using these at will from our heap and then consuming them afterwards for ChopBot for Apex's hunger keeps things turning.

13 Dec 2016 Raga

Current changes: -1 Top Hat, +1 Rigged Results. Unfortunately, Hat just hasn't been doing the do for me. So, so long classy looking virus :(

17 Dec 2016 CuriousMachine

I do like an underdog so love playing as Apex. Was considering those breakers too but with them and endless hunger is Overmind still needed?

17 Dec 2016 Raga

@CuriousMachine To be honest, I've only installed it a hand full of times, but given the lack of reliable tutoring I think having it as an option is always handy. If you can get it installed then use the Conspiracy breakers to use the remaining memory you even have a rig for a bit.

Also, current changes: -1 Rigged -1 Deuces, +2 Stimhack.

Stimhack in late game allows you to just brute fothe your way through with the conspiracies to nail that final agenda. You probably will only play one, but having further options to install face down isn't the end of the world

17 Dec 2016 CuriousMachine

@raga good point, I can see Overmind being useful really early game too, before you've found any other breakers. No space for Reaver though? Tricky juggling MU I guess!

17 Dec 2016 Raga

Wow, good spot. My existing list is 47 cards with 2x Reader but it must not have picked it up. So, yeah, 2, but that's all. 3 is too many, 1 not enough