Breacha Yog.a

Hyperbolic_Mess 171

So this is where baba yaga belongs in my book: bolstering the strong numbers on the central only suite with yog and faerie to make hb matchup easier for criminal not as the most efficient breaker with stealth. Modded was in there for setup and it's really good in an opening hand with special order but rumour mill and/or sac con is probably better to protect vs batty.

13 Dec 2016 FarCryFromHuman

I really like Blockade Runner here, it seems like it would help you assemble the rig much faster than normal.

I'm on the fence about 3x Security Testing over dropping one or two for Daily Casts; it seems like your setup would stall pretty harshly if the corp ices their centrals and a single remote.

13 Dec 2016 Hyperbolic_Mess

Cheers the sec testing are nice to see early to put on pressure and any extra can become "on the lam" targets to help you get off sot siphon, run without getting tagged or avoid bn, snare and psychic field but it could be 3 blockade runner as they help with the setup. The 2 of Katie is more than enough econ vs glacier as your risk come so cheap.

13 Dec 2016 Hyperbolic_Mess

*runs not risk

13 Dec 2016 Krams

"not as the most efficient breaker" ?!
You are using Baba Yaga along Breach, Yog.0 and Faerie. That's about as efficient as it gets. Stealth breakers usually can't break subs for free like your setup. This is a true monster.

The only thing that could stop this beast is a Turing on a remote.
Or maybe a Chiyashi once it's released. But even that needs to hit you after Baba Yaga is installed and before you're fully set up.

13 Dec 2016 Hyperbolic_Mess

@krams as of putting this up all of the Baba Yaga lists on here are out of shaper and using the pump from stealth breakers with the break of yog and faerie which is more efficient but also more set up. I did think about Turing and I can't remember the last time I saw it although an alternative deck could use 2 Cerberus "Rex" H2 with 1 Passport as it's cheaper to install than yog and does the same thing for 8 subs but is influence free and can break Turing

13 Dec 2016 Krams

@Hyperbolic_Mess Weird, I expected to see more non-stealth variants.

This deck inspired my review of Baba Yaga I posted a few days ago. It was the first Baba Yaga I saw and it wasn't stealth, so I'm a bit surprised to see all others going the stealth route.

13 Dec 2016 Pinkwarrior

@Hyperbolic_Mess Got to say I completely agree the central breaker suite is where mt mind went after giving Baba Yaga some thought. Thou I think id want to slot a Sacrificial Construct or 2 just in case.