Psi Games to Mind Games

Narduwel 255

I have been working on this deck ever since Upayoga and Chetana were released. I have found that Upayoga is gold for a deck that focuses on psi games. A one of Mother Goddess also gives Upayoga more to work with as it can gain the psi subtype. Chetana has been a bit of a disappointment unfortunately, so I have tested with replacing it with Chrysalis and have been fairly happy with the results.

Snowflake has also been a disappointment in the past, but with Upayoga and especially with Fumiko Yamamori added in, I have found that Snowflake actually has worth. In my local meta, I play against Smoke a lot and Blackstone really makes Snowflake sad so I stopped using it for a while, but to get real milage out of Upayoga, you really need a variety of psi ICE.

Voter Intimidation has served me really well in this deck. I added Best Defense to deal with Net-ready Eye + Yog. I have enjoyed using Aiki as it has 3 subroutines, but my friends have pointed out that the runner drawing 2 cards is a risk (also, when Aiki was in the deck I had 9-11 code gates).

Fumiko Yamamori is a recent addition, but I have found that she has really done some work for me. One game, I won because that one meat damage put the runner down to two cards when they accessed R&D and hit a snare.

I am happy with this deck, but was wondering if anyone had suggestions as to how I could further improve the deck.

16 Dec 2016 DrMarodi

Nice idea! What's your answer to Rumor Mill? Does it give you any grief cancelling your assets? Also how is Mamba working out in this deck?

16 Dec 2016 Eji1700

I'd personally swap the bailiff for pop up window.

I don't see you rushing out agenda's in the early game behind a bailiff, which is it's only real advantage over the pop ups (and important given the extra cost to rez and influence)

I'd still consider aiki, even if it's at a 1/2 of. I don't mind the draw (especially since in best case if you both bet 0 they draw 2, lose 1 from their hand at random, and you gain 1...seems better than maybe 2 net damage which gets trashed in chrysalis). It's also pretty taxing if they want to break the net damage.

I just ran one cheatana and one assassin for my sentry suite. Related to the aiki i've almost always been happy to have a wide variety of options for my upayoga, and mamba was often costly, but without much gain (although there was a hell of a lot less rabbit hole in the meh), so aiki being a cheaper net damage fire might be nice, and the chetana hand wipe is pretty brutal on tempo (although you have to be careful where you place it obviously). I'm guessing it's not a kill with Fumiko, because if it is that's a threat worth having.

1x predictive algorithm is risky given that you're pretty sad if any of the common runner currents come out.

And lastly, is Nisei better than Palana? Having the money to fire the psi games (so they must break to avoid) seemed so so important, rather than getting money after the fact, and I found the palana drip to be much more helpful than the somewhat random nisei (which really doesn't fire much if they just decide to break things).

Anyways i'm sure you shouldn't do everything i've talked about, but just giving ideas on what I've noticed.

16 Dec 2016 Raiddinn

Deck I am working on has Batty and Shocks in it. Quite possible to flatline by trying to Batty a Chetana sub and win 2x Psi games. It's about 50/50 to win 2x Psi games in a row if they lose their hand and keep going into a shock. Decent way to protect archives too if you want to put a couple agendas there.

I also have Hyoubu Research Facility, too. Zero flip cost and high trash cost and it makes it much worse to play psi games against you if they don't pay to trash it.

16 Dec 2016 Narduwel

One of my quirks with deck building in Netrunner, is that I am constantly trying to consider how rotation will affect my decks. Often times, that bites me in the ass because I make decisions that are unnecessarily convoluted. So all of your comments are greatly appreciated.

@DrMarodi Rumor Mill causes a lot of pain but mostly because it shuts down my Caprice. As for Mamba, in the past I haven't been a big fan, but I was thinking that with Fumiko and Snare in the deck, it would be more threatening.

@Eji1700 I had pop up window in the deck for a while, but switched it out at some point during testing. You are actually quite right about using it instead of Bailiff. As for Palana v. Nisei, I have found in the past that this deck didn't need to spend a lot of money. By the end of the game, I usually had 10-20 credits on hand after having rezzed most if not all my ICE. Usually I have also fired the Nisei ability enough to make it worth it.

@Raiddinn I would love to use Batty again and have tried finding a place for shock, but have never been able to. I found at some point that I wasn't actually getting use out of batty (I don't remember how that happened though). Hyoubu Research Facility is another asset that I enjoyed using, but it felt redundant with the Nisei Division ability so I dropped it for something else. If I took Eji1700's advice and switched to Palana, I would definately fit the research facility back in.

Again, thank you for your comments and suggestions.

17 Dec 2016 Raiddinn

With Hyoubu, I like that it makes it so you can pick any number in a Psi game and you still gain 1 net after the fact instead of having to pick 0 for that. It increases the threat for paying 1 or 2 which will on average make runners spend more on Psi. Either that or it pushes the subs more towards must break territory. Both of which I like.

I never liked the Snare card. I use shocks instead of that. Most Jinteki decks I end up making have Shock + Crick in/on archives. I like how it becomes safer to store agendas there that way.