"Slee's dreams are made of this"

DrMarodi 320

This is a working concept for trying out Chief Slee. It is a bit of a mix-up: puping ICE strength and trying to kill the runner with meat damage. The reduced handsize might give a slight edge, also the staking effects of scored Self-Destruct Chips. Little Engine works digustingly well with Sandburg also has one subrutine the runner doesn't want to break. The multiple subrutine on NEXT Silver can also catch the runner by surprise.

Any suggestions?

16 Dec 2016 dawciu

I found Harvester doing very well in Cybernetics Division: Humanity Upgraded especially in early game, also sometimes runner doesn't want to break it subs so another +2 for Chief Slee ;)

16 Dec 2016 Sanjay

No suggestions, but certainly a compliment: putting Chief Slee in Cybernetics Division is an extremely cool idea.

16 Dec 2016 CactusJack

@DrMarodiChief SLee + Little Engine? That's dirty!

16 Dec 2016 DrMarodi

@dawciuHarwester is great if there is no Yog.0 on the horizon, but I can see how annoying can be with reduced handsize. Thx @Sanjay and @CactusJackI didn't had the opportunity to test the deck but I have high hopes for it. I'm thinking about removing the two Fenris and add the third NEXT Bronze and Silver.

Also the deck name should have been: "Slee's dreams are made of Brains..." :)

16 Dec 2016 Handsome Jack

Brilliant concept! Can't believe I didn't think of it!

17 Dec 2016 Thike

I'm extremely jealous that I didn't think of Slee in Cybernetics. You even get the troubleshooter tech influence free!

19 Dec 2016 tzeentchling

Why not max out the NEXT ice? Having only two of each Bronze and Silver seems odd if you're going that route.

19 Dec 2016 DrMarodi

@tzeentchling: you are right. In the current iteration I lost the two Fenris for the Silver and Bronze; Next Gold became another Rototurret and Mother Godess turned into an Hourglass which works wonders here!

7 Jan 2017 Sarmatian

I built a similar deck, but I am using the four influence from the Little Engine on Hive instead to try to get all five unbroken subs at once. If you draw them both early, slap the hive right over slee in a remote and hope they check it.

13 Jan 2017 DrMarodi

I will consider Hive but it is much more vulnerable to Parasites...