APEX: Unrezzed Horror

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Djaris 18

So the name of the game here is...

Apex playing straight. I want to be able to genuinely break ice, not just fudge my way through it. The only real bit of combo in here is the Cold Read into a Heap Breaker (what I've taken to calling MKU, Clippy and BOrc). Use the Cold Read, Use one of the heap breakers to do the run, trash it (gaining credits if you've got Wasteland or cards if you've got Reaver), then reinstall it the next turn with the money you saved with cold read. Chop Bot 3000 is in there for Tag Control, or card draw- and using Upside-down cards for it means if you've got the breaker suite up, and don't have to sac for damage prevention, there's still a use for it all. e3's are in there to minimize costs on breaking ice- If I can get around something like Eli, Curtain wall, or anything else that has an end the run early with Endless Hunger, then popping a cred per subroutine will be cheaper than Paperclip or MKU. Same goes for any ice that I'm breaking with Bork or MKU that has 3 or more sub routines- once it's up to strength, and the first two are burnt away, just keep firing with e3s.

Reaver is there to capitalize on Chop Bots or Cold Reads (or generally anything Apex does with trashing installed cards like Heartbeat),

Dyson Mem Chips are in there to try and make Endless Hunger less... hungry? And try and make Data Folding happen. Prey kills more taxing ice, and the heap breakers care less about Apocalypse, just trash them early to a reinstalled Endless Hunger or Hearbeat, and install them from the heap.

Econ: Sure Gamble and Diesel are there for some money and burst card draw, but I feel like I'm pretty limited when it comes to credit generation. I could swap swap Diesel's for Day Job, but I don't know- I've sort of hit the wall on this guy.... Anyone out there have thoughts on what I could/should be doing? Fat to trim? Essentials I'm missing?

17 Dec 2016 DrMarodi

Is there enough econ is this deck? I love the combo between Apocalypse and the Conspiracy breakers.

17 Dec 2016 Djaris

There isn't, that's the real problem. I'm trying to tool it, but my card pool is limited. I'd love dirty laundry, but... My first edit will probably be to scrap diesle for a few day jobs, and bring in a couple inflation. In another person's version of this deck, they scrap endless hunger for Faust. I'm thinking of doing the same, but with Darwin. Let him build up a bit. With the conspiracy breakers, purging too slow down Darwin is almost a waste. Still a wip.

17 Dec 2016 DrMarodi

The influence is certainly very tight here. If you have Reaver and Chop Bot 3000 for draw you could switch Diesels with two Lucky Find. Also you definetly need the third Data Folding.

17 Dec 2016 deleriad

What about dropping Endless Hunger and the implants? I've found it hasn't been great. You could use Stimhack instead and make space for data folding and another Chop Bot 3000.

17 Dec 2016 Krams

I don't particularly like the Data Folding + Apocalypse nombo. The Foldings need to stay on the table for quite some time to be really worth slotting as eco-cards. 5 turns minumim, the longer the better. But an Apex deck with 3 Apocalypse should be flipping the table from time to time, killing them off.

17 Dec 2016 Djaris

Yeah, Econ is where I'm struggling on a lot of my decks. I don't have many of the staple econ cards in my library yet (Dirty Laundry, or Deuces Wild or the like), and a lot of the best staple econ I can't slot 'cuz apex. (Tem├╝jin Contract, Bank Job, Daily Casts). I would kill for an Aesop, right? So shy of running 3 Sure Gambles, 3 Easy Marks, and 3 Infiltration, my options are fairly limited. In fact, in the first revision this deck got after publishing, I've got 3 Sures, 2 Easy, and 2 Infil. But past that, I'm open. Do I run Magnum Opus off the back of dropping e3s? Do I bite the bullet and do a Siphon for the turn after an Apoc? Seems steep, but could be a cash grab. My econ game is weak, friends. Teach me.

18 Dec 2016 Pinkwarrior

@Djaris I would say more Chop Bot 3000 less Diesel since you can get so much out of trashing cards Thanks to Wasteland & Reaver this also saves Inf.

Also have you thought about Grifter it's something I used with apex when he first cam out that was ok as econ but makes more sense now Reaver is here since if it dose trash it's self you can get both your money back thanks to and some cards. On the same thought process theirs also Ghost Runner's which will net you 2 on their own but when you trash them will give you more.

18 Dec 2016 codychilton13

@Djaris I've had amazing success with my apex deck but it's very different from this, and it was built before reader came out a while back. No real pain for munny with the day jobs, I can promise that! Maybe -2 data folding -1 prey +3 dirty laundry and -2 diesel +2 making an entrance? You'll lose draw power but essentially finding your breakers to recur them faster could help.

18 Dec 2016 codychilton13

Oh I didn't notice where you said you don't have some cards in your library @Djaris but if you're able to get them anytime soon, I think the dirty laundrys will help so much!

22 Dec 2016 Djaris

Turns out my mom came into town for the holidays, and I pointed towards C&C big box as we walked around the game store. Lol. Dirty Laundry is a thing now. @Pinkwarrior, I'm thinking about those ghost runners, too. It'll be nice for a turn when I don't have to break with trashing to still have something to trash.