Fairy Tales Over the Phone

Watzlav 492

Ever since Baba Yaga got spoiled, I was very intrigued. The design is supreme and the fact that the culturally diverse worlds of Android are finally acknowledging east of Ruhr Valley there might be more than just Scorched Earth warms my Slavic heart.

I started testing suite of Faerie, Inti, Houdini and Yog.0 in Smoke, but the deck was so poor that I could never justify installing a Yog.0.

Then I remembered that my favourite childhood fairy tale books wasn't the one with Baba Yaga, Finist the Brightest Falcon or Koschei the Immortal, but a peculiar children's book called Fairy Tales Over the Phone by Gianni Rodari. That has led me to #Prepaid VoicePAD suite and suddenly the deck felt a lot stronger.

I took this deck to a casual tournament in Hamburg and did reasonably well, but since it was a casual jank tournament, it doesn't really prove anything. However I think that Baba Yaga is not only a lot of fun, but also a really strong card with a big potential, especially if glacier is ever going to be a relevant strategy again.

Changes I'm going to test:

-1 Clone Chip

-1 Symmetrical Visage

+1 Sacrificial Construct

+1 The Turning Wheel

Last but not least, big thanks to Marcel from Hamburg for throwing a great event, all the atendees and especially to Dome_ for saying "F**k you for playing tier 1.05 deck at a jank tournament" and being as kind and sweet as always.

18 Dec 2016 dome_


18 Dec 2016 Krasty

Ok, it is very nice build, but... good old Mr.Swordsman looks like a little problem, isn`t it?

18 Dec 2016 LordRandomness

You can still use the breakers on Baba Yaga individually, so Swordsman can be broken by the Faerie in an emergency.

That said, if Swordsman starts showing up everywhere Baba Yaga players may want to slot a second Killer...

18 Dec 2016 Krasty

@LordRandomness: I know you can use breakers on Baba individuali... Maybe I just want to say, that could be good idea to +1 Sacrificial Construct and let Clone Chip in. I think The Turning Wheel could be swaped for Medium... and spend influence some other way...