Look No Hands

ntahfs 423

Eli1700 posted a nice simple combo here. I like to call it the Clone-Friends combo. It ended up fitting really well in this deck I was trying out.

The basic idea of the deck is to diminish the runner's hand size. It's built around the central combo of Cybernetics Division: Humanity Upgraded and Enforced Curfew. The runner's hand size is further diminished through Self-Destruct Chips and Chairman Hiro to put them to -1. The process can be accelerated if you can land some brain damage with Cerebral Overwriter or some face-checked ice.

Lab Dog is for destroying obelus. Prisec is for protecting the clones. Back Channels is for making an exposed/ignored Cerebral Overwriter into a money pot. All of these things can be recurred with the Clone-Friends combo as many times as needed. The only real hard part is drawing into friends because the clones can be tutored with Executive Boot Camp.

20 Dec 2016 Krams

Why the Exposé? You don't have bad pub, like, for example through Fenris as a nice facechecking ICE...

20 Dec 2016 ntahfs

@Krams I dropped in some cards to deal with things I was seeing on jinteki.net. Exposé is for dealing with Valencia Estevez: The Angel of Cayambe. That's a good point, I could put some thicker ice in now that I have it.

20 Dec 2016 Crowe

It might be worth considering Best Defence over Lab Dog, since it has slightly more utility (even if they're not going tag me with Obelus you can kill Same Old thing, SMC etc)

20 Dec 2016 ntahfs

@ryangibson86 I like that idea as well.

+1 Best Defense

+1 Fenris

-1 Lab Dog

-1 Launch Campaign

20 Dec 2016 otoconia

Isn't your money a bit thin? Maybe you would want to tune your ICE suite for cost-efficiency as it seems relatively expensive and recursion of (cheap and weak) ICE would not be a problem with 3 recurring Friends in High Places. I would drop Exposé too and free that inf as you already have Executive Boot Campto handle Valencia and her Blackmail

20 Dec 2016 ntahfs

@otoconia The economy is actually pretty substantial with Hedge Fund recurring with Clones. That was Eli1700's idea and it works well.

I hadn't used Executive Boot Camp to rez ice much, but you might be right. They might be enough. I find, though, that the unrezzed ice is often more of a deterrent than the rezzed ice.