L.D.R. Live, Die, Repeat.

Handsome Jack 1586

A variant of my friend @just_rob 's Minority Report, this deck is similar, but more up to date with the most recent packs of The Flashpoint Cycle. I've made the transition to BOOM! complete, as well as adding in IP Block, Data Ward, Chief Slee, and Friends in High Places. I haven't tested it extensively, but I feel this deck might be a tad more versatile than the original, with more powerful ICE and the additional wincon of the Chief Slee flatline.

New Choices

Executive Boot Camp: A new addition, although it will most likely be useful as it negates Blackmail trickery, turns on PAD profits quicker, and can also be used to fetch Chief Slee in a pinch.

BOOM!: Saves an Influence, fearfactor, does 7 meat, what's not to love?

** Friends in High Places:** Can rescue trashed SAU, Chief Slee, PADs, Prisec, you name it. A highly versatile card, possibly better than interns in most situations.

Data Ward: Chief Slee food, and is a pain in the ass to break when tagged.

IP Block: This is a fantastic piece of ICE. Hurts the new Baba Yaga trickery that's been going around lately, as well as Faust, 4tman, Crypsis... At least 1 sub will always be relevant, and the other is useful as well as being Chief Slee worthy.

20 Dec 2016 FarCryFromHuman

This seems super fun. Totally not what you opponent would expect to see out of NEH these days. That said, I have to wonder if a single Exchange of Information is a good idea?

20 Dec 2016 Handsome Jack

@FarCryFromHumanDeck slot's were verrry tight. I originally had EOI in there but swapped it for the EBC. I'll have to do further testing.

20 Dec 2016 weylandcon

Chief Slee and Pop-Up Window seem like a match made in heaven.

21 Dec 2016 Handsome Jack

@weylandcon definitely, but It might waste the surprise factor from a Chief Slee rez, rather than using it on something like Data Ward.

21 Dec 2016 lopert

Not sure I understand your point about Executive Boot Camp.
If you rez PAD alone, you are at -1 for that turn.
If you rez with EBC, PAD costs 1, and doesn't trigger, so you're still at -1.
There is no quicker profit to be had?

22 Dec 2016 Handsome Jack

@lopert I was under the impression I could use my start of turn triggers in any order, using EBC and then firing PAD. is this not the case?

22 Dec 2016 lopert

@Handsome JackCorrect, you can not do that.
At 1.2, EBC is rezzed and PAD is not. Only EBC is added to the list of triggers to resolve. Once you start resolving the triggers (aka using EBC to rez PAD), you don't get to add any new triggers to the list.

22 Dec 2016 Handsome Jack

I see. No one was correcting me on Jnet so I assumed I was doing it right. Ah well.