Jak to the Future

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dantagonist 3

Long time lurker first time deckbuilder.

Using the limited resources (Core, C+C, D+D and True Colors) and knowledge I have, I've tried to build a Sunny deck that takes advantage of Jak Sinclair's sweet sweet free program-less run every turn. Let me know what you think and if I'm making any obvious mistakes! I probably am!

20 Dec 2016 CactusJack

@dantagonist Not bad. How reliable has Windfall been for you?

20 Dec 2016 dantagonist

@CactusJack Most of the time it's been fine, but there have been occasions where I've shuffled really hard and pulled... the other Windfall.

20 Dec 2016 PureFlight

Datasucker is great with Sunny's breakers. Keep that.

I know your options for damage prevention are limited, but I don't think Leverage is the way to go. I can see using it against potential Junebugs, but it's not good against meat damage: They play HHN or something, so you know the kill is coming. You run HQ, play leverage, they take two BP. You now have two s before their turn. Ugh. I'd go with Crash Space before Leverage.

Two consoles is interesting. Personally I'd just focus on one - in this case, Nexus. You can have 2-3 copies, it saves you influence, and the money saved from a 1/turn bypass has got to be better than Desperado.

I usually only have 1 Globalsec Security Clearance because I don't care if I see it early. Just personal preference.

You could drop the Windfalls for Armitages if you're hurting for econ.

21 Dec 2016 krh372

@PureFlight Just so I'm clear - in your example for Leverage, the corp still wouldn't be able to do any damage on its turn since Leverage lasts until the beginning of the runner's next turn, right?

22 Dec 2016 dantagonist

@PureFlightThanks for the advice, I took most of it on (not sure about dropping down to one Globalsec Security Clearance just yet)

@krh372 I think the point is that if the corp chooses to take two BP, that's you up shit creek (unless you can run R&D and topdeck two agendas?)

22 Dec 2016 krh372

@dantagonist Right! Yes. Derp moment for me there.