Miffed Val Passant (4th, 1st, 1st SC)

WhackedMaki 874

It's one card different of Shmeguy's list, which is -1 Mimic and +1 MKUltra. In two store champs it's been undefeated in swiss and lost one game each in top 4. Friends in High Places is rough to deal with when you've been trashing their ice only to have it come back. Account Siphon is hard to land and I'm considering swapping influence around for more money, as it can have problems at times. It's still good, even when people tech for it.

20 Dec 2016 mohaymen

I've been playing en passant for a while, and i still dont get jaoshua b. , and hades shard doesnt seem very good because almost all decks will ice all central servers expecting temujin contracts, also because of when you go tag me its always trashable. And im surprised not to see plascrete.

20 Dec 2016 WhackedMaki

@mohaymenExtra clicks or hand size are nothing to be scoffed at. Using Josh purely to gain those, and lose him to the corp spending resources they're not using defending is never a bad thing.

Hades Shard is for use with Obelus. You pop it on an HQ or R&D run, access all the cards in Archives and then draw a massive amount of cards once the run is over. You can Faust into pretty much wherever you want then. Usually you'll install it the turn you use it. If they're protecting archives then you just blow up their R&D ice and Medium dig them to death while they be sad that their ice is on Archives and not R&D.

What would Plascrete do for the deck? If you're tagged then Obelus gives you hand size to survive damage while also drawing you cards. If they're able to kill you through a large hand then Plascrete isn't helping much either. Obelus needs to show up ASAP to get the R&D lock on so I certainly wouldn't be cutting it for Plascrete. As a hardcore Weyland player 1x Plascrete doesn't stop me from killing you. If you're afraid of Shutdown Boom, then install Hades or get a Rumor Mill online to turn off Jackson.

20 Dec 2016 mohaymen

How do you deal with architects of tomorrow? Its really hard to siphon that deck because they wont lose much and you wont gain much since their economy is their id. And would you consider -1 knifed +1 forked to deal with this deck's ice by clicking to break? Especially since resistor is less popular.

20 Dec 2016 WhackedMaki

@mohaymen Don't Siphon then then. Only do it if you've killed their HQ ice with En Passant. I'd prioritize killing R&D ice while getting the Medium lock. I can't think of any sentries aside from Ichi that I'm going to be afraid of and have trouble breaking. Feel free to try out Forked if you want though, just be wary of NBN if you do.

20 Dec 2016 mohaymen

I see thank you <3

21 Dec 2016 lopert

-1 Siphon, +1/2 Temu, + 1/0 Planned Assault? (Probably cutting the knifed).

21 Dec 2016 WhackedMaki

@lopertThe Planned Assualt could work pretty well, although I'm not sure I like the 1x Temujin, not reliable to see it then. In a 50 card deck getting consistency is important.

22 Dec 2016 lukesim3

@lopert I've been running 2 Temujin in my build, and I like it a lot. I also really want to cram in a Planned Assault, but it means cutting the D4v1d. I'm not sure I'm ready to do that...

22 Dec 2016 lopert

@lukesim3how much work is d4 actually doing tho with recurring cutlery and the heap-breakers tho? Genuine question, I have not played this list enough to be an accurate judge of d4's usefulness.

23 Dec 2016 lukesim3

@lopertYeah, it's the right question to ask. I'm not sure, as truthfully, I haven't played the deck a lot either. I just sleeved it up and nearly took down a SC because BM/EP is dumb. Right now, D4v1d does feel like a bit of a seatbelt, in case you need to run and faceplant into Fairchild 3, Tracker, etc. It's handy for encountering Archangel out of R&D and HQ, but that's fairly edge. There's way less Resistor out there, too, so that can be a case for getting rid of the D4 in those tag-me matches. I've already slotted a second Paperclip because of all the Wraparound, so yeah, maybe ol' Dave can go...

23 Dec 2016 WhackedMaki

@lukesim3I would at least keep one of them. Little Engine has started picking up popularity again near me at least, and without D4v1d you're real sad about that ice. It's also the only way to deal with Blue Sun running Executive Boot Camp, and the only good way to deal with OAI ice.

23 Dec 2016 lukesim3

@WhackedMaki Yeah. The Blue Sun matchup, which I expected to see more of these days, was the reason the D4v1ds are still there.

3 Jan 2017 cwoac

It would be nice to fit a ddos in for another en-pass attack angle, although I'm not sure what I'd slice for it. Possibly the second knifed? I'm rarely finding the need for it. Although I was also considering swapping it for a second spooned given all the code gates being seen about these days...