HB ABT HR 24/7

jalube 83

A long time ago, in the Genesis cycle, when you, me, and everyone else here were still mewling pathetic babies, I used to try to sneak a copy or two of Precognition into my HB decks in starry-eyed optimism of firing The Ultimate Beta Test. It even worked a few times, but I was grasping for something that could never be held for long.

Or so I thought. Lately I've been musing, 24/7 News Cycle is a beast in NBN, and has been used to good, though more inconsistent, effect in Jinteki. What could we do with it in HB?

The first effort was a convoluted, dirt-eating mess involving Localized Product Line, Research Grant, Bifrost Array, Shipment from Mirrormorph and extra clicks. But let's not talk about that.

So I thought, let's just stick to the 'when scored' ability with one of the most powerful potential upsides in the game.

Here's the plan: do stuff until you score a Sleepers and ABT. Then get Hasty and 24/7. Then, slowly, savour the pleasure-release of rezzing 30+ credits of ICE - for free. Then win. Or lose. It doesn't really matter at that point. Such considerations are so unseemly for the sublime and delicate satisfaction on offer here.

The ice mix is utterly plastic; just plug in whatever combination of big and not-so-big tickles you. You can score out in a super-server with Ash, or Biotic for the win. I usually score Sleepers as soon as I draw it, it's not uncommon for it to be that crucial 7th point.