I'm a simple Shaper with Orange Color

doldol161 27

I build this deck since i saw Frantic Coding. Feel like "Oh finally this is program finder for anarch".

Plan is very simple, just use Frantic Coding to find your primary money and your breaker, Valencia Estevez: The Angel of Cayambe's bad is just for slow corp down and you can snipe something while build your rig.

Once you have your program ready, just lock those remote, run HQ once per turn to trigger your best friend

Don't forget that you have to eat something or you'll be hungry, those ice are expensive.

Mostly Rebirth to Kim,Whiz,Omar what ever you want depend on match up, or maybe MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock if you feel slow setup.

Breaker suit is the best for all kind of ice I can find, anyone have the better choice for killer than GS M2? It's the changeable slot their.

24 Dec 2016 oldman

Shrike is good for Brainstorm and Komainu -type ICE

25 Dec 2016 codychilton13

@doldol161 I've never seen a deck with frantic coding that I didn't immediately write off as terrible......good job! +1!

25 Dec 2016 Krams

You are trashing your own deck with 3 Frantic Coding. How does that work out for you with no LARLA?

25 Dec 2016 codychilton13

@Krams With 3 same old thing, 3 Deja vu, the conspiracy suite, AND retrieval run I think it seems pretty good.

26 Dec 2016 doldol161

@Krams @codychilton13's right, 3 Same Old Thing, 3 Déjà Vu and 2 Retrieval Run can help you with that and i don't need to refresh my 50 cards deck again just setup your rig and everything will be k.

@oldman I've used Golden for some annoying but re-install is hurt, not worth to use it, GS M2 does well here, sentry is the most expensive ice btw.

TY for reply!