2017 Guns Blazing Gabe Squad Never Dies (Peace Brotha Elija)

oldman 17

Better Than Golden Eggs From A Terminally Ill Goose. BTGEFAI(T)G.

Smoke it like you would a 2007 Toyota Corolla, cold, harsh, and destroys your LGS with winter dubstep montages. Just, incredible.

27 Dec 2016 ntahfs

You got your acronym wrong, unfortunately.

27 Dec 2016 Dunhere

No Emergency Shutdown?

27 Dec 2016 thebriarfox

Y U NO Crescentus

28 Dec 2016 oldman

@ntahfs I don't know how to read

@Dunhere good idea actually, probably drop the drive bys for some of those. Though I would like the deck to be proofed against cycling

@thebriarfox Bird breakers let me do that albeit for more money it's click and card compression, best situation in one click I could make 7c (temujin + desperado + sec testing), so the max 7c to install a breaker after a derez feels worth it when you look at the bigger picture

28 Dec 2016 HandsomeMonkey

GS Shrike M2 seems useless with Mongoose in faction. I definitely agree with Dunhere Emergency Shutdown is a auto include if you're running Sneakdoor.

1 Jan 2017 pjbuckhurst

Hey man happy new year. Consider adding in a bit more money or some reoccurring credits. The bird breakers are so expensive to run with and you don't have the credits to do the de-rez plan. Add in another sec testing and some bank jobs or a Kate (if you don't want to go all in on the remote money). As for re-occuring credits you could do the Cybsoft MacroDrive, multi-threader or cyberfeeder. Your end rig is the 3 birds and 1 sneakdoor thus the shrike seems a bit of a extravagance and I recon influence would be better spent on the above money cards. Also you do need to consider your multi-access (two turning wheels would work well -- get rid of the levi).