Malicious Conspiracy

Restartt 217

Reaver and conspiracy breakers breath new life into apex.

Use e3+endless+always be running to access a bunch of cards early, charging turning wheel and gaining money and cards via dirty laundry and wasteland and reaver and chop bot.

Apoc at the right point, but the Corp will have Jackson in hand to recover and an ice to try and score behind, so be ready to attack next turn.

Always be running is a great out vs all those Turings, and with e3 hits DNA tracker and mausoleum, and all those things you hate.

Later in the gam or if you don't have always be running you can ditch reaver to rotate in conspiracy breakers as needed

Always make sure you can trash your conspiracy breakers on your Apoc turn. They're what gives this deck legs after it gains all this money breaking things and flips the last endless hunger face down, then you finish it out on conspiracy breakers if needed.

Always be running goes away with any Apoc, so day job before or after it goes

They're rare, but the turn where you sell a face down conspiracy breaker for 3 credits and two cards then day job feels great.

I have one influence left, not sure what I should drop for an employee strike or rumor mill(dropping one more influence). Still testing.

28 Dec 2016 ashtaroth

Without tutors you may have a hard time finding all the breaker. Also, do try Sports Hoppers, does wonders with Reaver and Wasteland.

28 Dec 2016 Snake Eyes

Would absolutely recommend 3x of Chop Bot 3000 . After some experimenting I've been seeing that you really want to get that Reaver Chop Bot 3000 draw engine up and running, esp post Apocalypse .

Deuces Wild isn't a great Econ card here since Prepaid VoicePAD doesn't work well in Apex.

You get double the hits off Reaver Wasteland if you have trash ability stuff to fire on the corps turn. Hunting Grounds works for this, but there are a bunch of other options, @ashtaroth is right about Sports Hopper - it's fantastic in the post Reaver Apex.

28 Dec 2016 codychilton13

@Restartt the best success ive had with an Apex deck is my list I published a while back, I tried everything I could with ABR and it just never worked well. Its really old, but check out my list and make adjustments as needed cuz I agree 100% on the sports hoppers! Brain cage is also amazing with Apex!

28 Dec 2016 Restartt

@ashtaroth``@codychilton13 I'll have to try the 3x sports hopper. The initial thoughts were to keep things super cheap, but it does provide a lot. I could probably cut always be running, I'd have to think on what else.

@ashtaroth I've found that I draw so much and ABR and endless hunger with e3 hit so many ice I haven't had to find the conspiracy breakers early, I'm fine waiting till late game to pop them out.

@Snake Eyes deuces wild isn't great economic, but it's two cards and a credit. Nothing that will blow your socks off, but real solid for one influence. The other great use is when I just have endless hunger, I can expose a new ice to see if it really wrecks my current breakers or if I'll be OK, when feel I need to run someplace I have a bad feeling about. I can probably lose it as I get more comfortable in how each matchup will go. Maybe for those sports hoppers.