Vanilla Rush

YankeeFlatline 219

45 cards so you see your agendas faster, big old facecheckable ice.

29 Dec 2016 Phoenix

Only 12 ice in a rush deck seems light.

Also, Bulwark and Archer are not helping you early.

Lateral Growth over Blue Level Clearance is also maybe somewhere to look for a change?

Anson Rose also only works with 4 ice in the deck?

Lastly, running a deck called Vanilla Rush without running Vanilla seems disappointing.

29 Dec 2016 FarCryFromHuman

Anson Rose can be replaced with Bryan Stinson here in a week or two.

31 Dec 2016 YankeeFlatline

12 ice isn't much for a 49 card deck but it goes a lot further in 45. It's pretty easy to have 10 spare credits to lock down a scoring remote by turn 2 or 3, and Bulwark can pull some weight once it's out, but I'm not sure about Archer yet. The agenda forfeit is a little tough but if you can score a GFI behind it for the cost of a Hostile, that's as good a trade as EoI without giving the runner an agenda in the process.

Lateral growth is good, it's a tempo builder, you're going to have to put cards down anyway so it helps you get the most out of them even though I sure do miss that blue level draw sometimes.

Anson Rose does only work with 4 ice but what good ice! If they ignore him he can boost an Ice Wall into something much more intense, and he can turn on Mausolus really nicely too if the runner ignores him. If the runner doesn't ignore him, he's one credit for a consistent threat. He is experimental but so far I've been pretty happy with him.

Honestly I think vanilla is a crappy ice for factions that don't have good low cost barriers but oh well.

Bryan Stinson is interesting but he feels a little win more in a deck like this since you usually get enough money out of your operations the first time around, and Jackson is going to be used to recur them as often as not since you're scoring agendas when you draw them hopefully.

I've only played like 5 games with this deck but so far the performance has been pretty good.

12 Jan 2017 YankeeFlatline

right now this deck is 11-4 on, undefeated in anarch matchups