Not Your Average Whiz

ila 445

Here's another attempt at a Windfall/Monolith combo deck! Frantic Coding and Making an Entrance are on full display in this pile of jank. Tear through your deck, get your trope counters out, then use Trope + Angel Arena to put your Windfalls in your hand and your Monoliths in the deck. You can keep pulling this combo off until you have 100+ credits, then you can actually install one of those Monoliths, maybe with 3 Mediums too if you can Trope those back into your hand as well (using AA of course). Levy is there as an emergency backup in case you get a little too frantic and your recursion (Deja Vu, SoT) can't save you.

This is not a serious deck but it is a ton of fun to play. Against slow moving decks (do those still exist?) it can actually be quite powerful. And it seems to have a great matchup against kill or asset spam decks. Rush is definitely the toughest matchup, might be better to abandon the Windfall/Monolith plan and just go for a medium dig with Magnum Opus supporting.

Have fun!

30 Dec 2016 kata124

What is the average number of clicks required to fire three windfalls?

30 Dec 2016 ila

Yikes hard to say because this version seems so much more variable concerning how quickly you will go through your deck... if you hit those frantic codings and entrances just right.. you could be looking at turn 6, if not, maybe turn 10? The nice thing this has over the CT version is that you have the new conspiracy breakers so you don't need to levy, you can just use your tropes two more times. So once you hit that first Windfall turn you should be just a few turns away from your next one.

One your last trope you should keep 1 monolith and 3 mediums in hand. So basically your tropes look like this:

1st - 3 monoliths back to rnd + some windfalls if you lost them to frantic = 3-6 counters 2nd - 3 monoliths + 3 windfalls - 6 counters 3rd - 3 monoliths, 2 windfalls, 3 mediums = 8 counters

30 Dec 2016 Heartthrob

You ruse me good, sir.

30 Dec 2016 Friff14

Why Magnum Opus?

30 Dec 2016 ila

Thanks @Heartthrob! @Friff14: Well, it's better than clicking for credits if your windfall plan falls apart :p Also, it's a great target for Frantic Coding. I think it's an overall decent card in the current meta.

30 Dec 2016 codychilton13

@ila I just think the deck would be amazing without monolith, I took a shaper version of this deck and swapped monolith with the gauntlet and theven deck hasn't lost yet. I tend to get all my breakers or super cheap before I can ever find monolith, so just make windfall more rumor mills and some liberated accounts lol

30 Dec 2016 ila

@codychilton13 Yeah I think you are right. I'm thinking about testing it with some account siphon and maybe parasite/sucker support. I really like Frantic and Trope, it feels so shapery to trash your whole deck and then just get back exactly what you need.

2 Jan 2017 TheBigBoy

If you are getting rushed out, you actually have a lot of digging and you use the heap breakers, so if you can fit a couple stimhacks that could get you into some rush remotes by surprise.

2 Jan 2017 ila

@TheBigBoy Ah stimhack, that's a great idea! I will have to try that in my current form of this deck. @codychilton13 I did some testing and you are right! I ditched the jank and this deck is quite good with just a good old whiz plus Frantic/Opus set up. I used the influence for Account Siphon, Parasites, and Yog. Also I dropped the Levy because the Tropes were plenty.