Pheromones Khan

D4KEN 136

This is my current Khan list. Blockade Runner and Logos help a lot to get the pieces you need. Pheromones and Ice Analyser have a great synergy because both help on re-installing breaker and continiously threaten HQ. Algo is the clickless Kati for high impact runs. Sneakdoor to help with fuelling Pheromones early and to spread the ice.

Things to consider: -1 Algo + 1 Employee Strike, -1 Legwork + 1 HQ Interface

2 Jan 2017 ntahfs

Cool deck.

Maybe On the Lam instead of Networking; might be more flexible? And, it seems like Symmetrical Visage would be less anti-synergistic with Blockade Runner. Are you able to use both regularly?

2 Jan 2017 DrMarodi

I would also consider a couple Multithreaders instead of Pheromones. Much less vulnerable to the purge. Losing Beth gives you the influence for them.

I like Ice Analyzer here!

You might also need a few Fall Guy to protect Algo trading...

2 Jan 2017 oldman

Instead of Pheromones, I'd have 2xDatasucker for more immediate effect

and lose the 3x Ice Analyser for 3xCompromised Employee (they do the same thing, but in-faction), or 2x employee and get another Temujin

And this is a more personal playstyle question - Why Logos? There's not much in here to particularly dig for - I'd replace them with Desperados.

3 Jan 2017 Xanshi

An interesting idea, using Pheromones to take advantage Khan Icebreaker's.

Personally i would ditch Algo Trading. Even if you get this card on your opening hand. The return of investment takes a long time that it isn't worth the influence. Imagine install it on turn 1. It takes 2 turns to activate the drip economy. And another 3 turns to return the investment (the initial 6 is an investment). Six turns before you can reap the benefits. And all the corp player needs to do is find and use Best Defense, which is found in most corp decks. Daily Casts or even Kati Jones is a much better value than Algo Trading

I would use the influence on these cards instead. Desperado for obvious reasons. Vamp for additional pressure. Employee Strike to counter current. And Bhagat if you can find the influence for it.

4 Jan 2017 D4KEN

@ntahfs Blockade Runner is more early to get the keypieces, later if the boardstate is set i use the Symmetrical Visage. On the Lam could be the missing include i need for BOOM! protection or heavy tag decks, but 3 to install is a big hit.
@DrMarodi need to thing about your sugesstion. Multithreader could be an interessant option.
@oldman i'm using Ice Analyzer because it's zero to install. I take Logos to get the missing pieces quickly if im falling behind. Also Desperado is an influence issue.
@Xanshi yeah in the next build i ditch Algo Trading. Beth Kilrain-Chang to because most times she is conta productive because the main strategy is to keep the corp poor.
Thx so far for the helpful feedback.

4 Jan 2017 nbove

Autoscripter seems like a natural include for this deck netting you a free click each time you use your identity ability. Works particularly well considering this deck looks to exploit the identity ability as much as possible with Pheromones.

As already mentioned by others. This deck is absolutely begging for Vamp. Influence is tight though, consider including Same Old Thing to recur it. With all of the extra credits from Pheromones, you should have no trouble being able to drop the Corp to 0 credits. Once they are one 0 credits, you can run rampant over their servers.

En Passant is worth considering as a very efficient means of removing problematic ice. It is one of the few ways get rid of a pesky Architect.

Also, consider Doppelgänger instead of Logos. Combined with Early Bird and the aforementioned Autoscripter, you can make 2 runs with your first click and still have with 5 clicks remaining. Alternatively you could include Desperado, because who doesn't love free money?

Given the above synergy you could consider adding Notoriety in order to try and maximize the effect of your runs and pressure.

To shore up your economy and free up some much needed influence, I would suggest dropping Algo Trading, Ice Analyzer and Beth Kilrain-Chang in favor of Security Testing, an additional Temüjin Contract and Compromised Employee, and potentially Kati Jones.

With all of the pressure you are putting on HQ, it seems like HQ Interface is a pretty strong candidate here. The Turning Wheel can help to leverage those HQ runs into additional R&D pressure.

All in all, it looks like you have the foundation of a very interesting deck! Great job! I look forward to seeing where you go with it!

5 Jan 2017 D4KEN

@nbove thanks for the feedback, tested a bit but slots are tight in a 40 card deck. Desperado instead of Logos is a huge tempohit because i need to use Blockade Runner more often to get the pieces. Autoscripter is a card i would cut, it's only 3-6 clicks max u get during a game. Need to test with Doppelgänger.

5 Jan 2017 Wrecko

Fester is only one influence and could really help you keep the corp poor since you are going with Pheromones and Medium. Nice deck I was thinking of doing something similar with Gabriel Santiago: Consummate Professional.