Girls'Night out

tarko 9

My attempt to make a BY/Stealth deck.

Set-up is relatively speedy compared to my Professor's one.

Right now, Yog is just gravy, once everything is set-up, Im not sure the influence and initial cost is worth it. Definitely if the game goes long enough but the initial tempo hit and 'dead' weight in hand. I guess can still install and then Scavenge on BY later.

Same with Gauntlet, I like the 2mem but for an install of 5. Although it does double duty of mem/Nerve agent for only 1 influence/1 card.

7 Jan 2017 x3r0h0ur

Why are you on smoke? Seems as good in Kate or Chaos theory maybe. Leaning this hard on Net Mercur seems risky!

7 Jan 2017 tarko

Houdini? I mean, the recurring 1/turn is nice, with Houdini it's closer to 3/turn, throw in Net Mercur for extra goodness. I could go... Gordian Blade, I guess.