blue 45 - 1st @ mead hall 2017 SC, minneapolis, jan 7th 526

for starters, this is @matuszczak very lean and very mean blue sun rush deck, swapping best defense and spiderweb for subliminal and mother goddess. it is the most basic rush and kill deck you can play---and basic is best. i also highly suggest playing this deck if you tilt against slower runners (it happens every. gd. time. and i'm not proud of it).

do check out @matuszczak original post.

so yeah, i had a great saturday, ending the day with my first tournment win. aside from my funsies ID'd matches with @thebigboy in swiss, this deck had one loss on the day, taking down some mopus, andromeda, and some hate bears.

all the thanks to mead hall, the regulars and non-regulars who came out, and @gh0st_b1rd for organizing.

11 Jan 2017 FightingWalloon

45 cards?

11 Jan 2017 kollapse

do check out @matuszczak original post.

The answer to the 45 cards question is in there.

11 Jan 2017 nungunz

Any particular reason for the subliminal aside from cheap econ?

Best Defense seems like a good solution to Obelus as well.