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DrApathy 66

10 Jan 2017 Ephin_Antz

why not use fisk investment seminar instead of diesel, helps deck corp as well?

10 Jan 2017 DrApathy

``@Ephin_Antz`: I only own the Core Set, Order and Chaos, and Creation and Control. This is a pretty expensive hobby, you know.

10 Jan 2017 Ephin_Antz

yeah i jumped in with both feet, i bought a collection on ebay, which came with 2 cores creation and control all genesis, and first 5 of spin cycle, for just under 200 after shipping, then i got some for christmas, and spent a couple hundred more, but im still missing 8 datapacks so far. So I understand,

10 Jan 2017 Ephin_Antz

mine is called Corporate Security Seminar. if you want to look at it, Im still kinda new been only playing a couple months, but im a regular magic player too. Now that is expensive Take care

10 Jan 2017 Ephin_Antz

I added you too chrome extension Jankteki to see if u r on Jinteki maybe we can playtest our decks against each other to work on holes.

10 Jan 2017 Ephin_Antz

my name on jinteki is same no underscore


10 Jan 2017 DrApathy

Wow, you really dived in with both feet. That sounds like a lot to learn all at once. I have my hands full trying to learn how the cards I have all work together. Did you find any good materials that helped you learn strategy, or was it all just trial and error?

I'd love to play on Jinteki sometime! My name there is exactly the same as my name here. I'll look for that Chrome extension you were mentioning.

10 Jan 2017 Ephin_Antz

yeah its a chrome extension, no i picked a faction, started with exile, and then read all the cards that i could fit into it then cut it down until i had clost to min, then playtested, i got quite a bit of comments especially about having a bunch of single cards rather than 3 of something but didnt know how id like it. so playtested , and

10 Jan 2017 Ephin_Antz

figured out what cards work for my playstyle, its fun but i didnt win enough, liked combo more than being aggressive so i tried anarch to make me more aggressive, but im less with noise lol

11 Jan 2017 zengoshugoju

Antz and I play on Jnet and IRL. I highly recommend you get a couple buddies to play with:we played the heck out of Core Set for 6 months before we got anything else. Playing face-to-face is so much more fun.

13 Jan 2017 DrApathy

I mostly play face-to-face. That's why I'm only building decks with the cards I actually own. I've only been playing at all for about a month now, and on Jinteki for the past few days. It's a lot of fun, but I feel like I have so much to learn!