Friends Unleashed

Benjen 701

Do as much Net Damage as possible. Always install a Snare! naked. They will run it, probably thinking I am sneaking out a House of Knives.

Win conditions are flatline and score out once you have either removed a key breaker from the game or created a server they will die running through.

Use Jackson Howard, Preemptive Action, and Friends in High Places to bring back key net damage cards.

DNA Tracker goes on your most vulnerable central server and the remote. Himitsu-Bako is great on a remote, especially if you can snipe and Ark Lockdown the fracter.

You will install something and click for two often. That's fine.

This deck dies really quickly to Magnum Opus/Feeback Filter combos. Net Shield is problematic but not impossible. Archives Interface is another gross one.

Voter Intimidation is great for killing a film critic or slums or loaded Kati.

I realized I needed an trap I could advance so I could bluff out a The Future Perfect or Fetal AI if necessary. People can wise up and only run advanced remotes. Project Junebug seemed to be the logical answer.

I have probably a 60/40 win rate. Trying to get better at playing it and making sure every run the runner makes costs them cards. Can i hit them with a Neural EMP? Will they run into a Data Mine? Will they have to pay through Tracker multiple times? Will they run that remote only to hit another #shock?

Jinteki: Potential Unleashed is a really fun ID and I think the games I play with this deck are a lot of fun for both players. Lots of important decisions to make. Enjoy!

10 Jan 2017 FarCryFromHuman

Do you think you'll try to find room for Hunter Seeker when it comes out? That seems like the optimal solution to deal with Feedback Filter, Archives Interface, and Salsette Slums.

10 Jan 2017 Benjen

@FarCryFromHumanis that the one that just murders a card after they steal an agenda? If so, seems like ti could work.

10 Jan 2017 FarCryFromHuman

That is correct. It's two influence, so you'd probably have to lose an Ark Lockdown, which really sucks. I guess you could do without Pop-up Windows but they seem really nice here.

10 Jan 2017 Saan

Data Mine does so much work here. With the Friends and the 3x Preemptive, you basically end up running into the same damned Data mines 10 times over the course of the game.

10 Jan 2017 saracenus

I can attest to the nasty combo of Magnum Opus/Feedback Filter being effective against this deck, but I only survived with that combo because I played super tight. If I had gone any harder on the aggression you would have ganked my Kate deck.

16 Jan 2017 Skullbotrock

Anything specific Crisium Grid is for or just general protection?

16 Jan 2017 Benjen

Crisium is for general protection but can also be used to mess with Run based econ. Crisium behind a DNA Tracker makes it really hard to siphon. Crisium thrown on Archives screws with Sec Testing. That kind of stuff.