Grandma and Grandpa Take Over the World

MustardJoe 58

Notes on the deck:

This is a variation of SavvySteve's Stirling and Friends deck. I've taken out his suite of breakers, though and substituted a criminal-centric Baba Yaga rig. Also updated it with Mumbad and Flashpoint cards like Sports Hopper.

Mulligan for Off-Campus. It'll keep you drawing. Try to find The Supplier, Logos, or Blockade Runner next. After that find link and Baba Yaga. Overmind can get you through the early game. Let them score. Let them get money. It's going to feel weird. It's going to feel bad. Don't worry. Trash what you need to. Build the rig. At the end of the game you'll be getting 5 credits a turn drip and have a crazy efficient breaker.

Be careful of damage. There's a lot of important singletons in here.


Thoughts on other cards:

I feel like I want some more multi-access. I'm not running enough to justify Medium or Turning Wheel though, so maybe another Legwork? I usually don't run a ton, so one big turn's usually worth more than HQ interface.

Not sure about The Source. It's nice, but Iain's really hurting for influence. That could be part of a Levy or Feedback Filter. I feel like I'm not running enough events for Levy, but it's a super fragile setup, so... /shrug

11 Jan 2017 Xanshi

This decks needs a Mongoose in order to break a Swordsman. You don't have any recursion if you use Faerie. You also need another decoder to combat Turing. Since the id is light on influence. I cannot recommend a Datasucker to compliment with Yog.0.

11 Jan 2017 hlynurd

Who's grandma?

11 Jan 2017 Nick!

I would be careful using Off-Campus Apartment. Since it's a zero install card, it can easily be trashed with Best Defense and all of the hosted connections will be trashed along with it.

11 Jan 2017 Krams

@hlynurd I guess the old witch Baba Yaga is supposed to be the grandma ;)

@MakersEyebrow The deck runs 3 Fall Guys and should be able to prevent the trash from Best Defense.

8 Feb 2017 kerrk

@Xanshi if faerie and Yog get put on baby yog. The interation with that card allows you to in effect pump Yog's strength and you do not need to trash farie when breaking sentries because you arent actually using faerie to break it you are using Baby Yog. This deck definitely has so set up involved but the idea would be to get the non AI breakers on to Baby Yog because then they all help each other.

9 Feb 2017 Xanshi

@kerrk I think you're the one who didn't understand my comment. Also you don't pump Yog.0 nor Faerie strength when used with Baba Yaga. It's Baba Yaga strength you are actually boosting.

Baba Yaga being an AI breaker, what is your plan when you encounter Turing or Swordsman? Since you cannot use AI breakers against those ice. You could break Turing using your . But how about Swordsman? Surely you're not thinking of using Faerie?