Earth's Greatest Mum (High Win Rate)

JohnnyMilton 1015

This deck is for people who:

  • want to firmly kick CTM out of their local meta
  • just won a Sunny alt-art promo
  • want a really good Friendscoats matchup
  • hate Potatoes
  • are playing games on Mother's Day


Sunny's new current - Another Day, Another Paycheck - has taken her to the next level. It might not look like much at first, but even a couple of Power Taps make you snowball hard off that agenda score. This deck will typically let one or two early agendas through before having full control of the board and so once you start scoring, expect 5-9 credits off that first payday.

This card is great for screwing with Midseason Replacements and Hard-Hitting News maths too.

I've taken cues from the success of Power Tap Andy decks, pairing it with Citadel Sanctuary and using it as a substitute for other link cards. This also seems pretty good with Net Quarantine coming out soon too - the meanest hate Sunny could yet face.


Creating a great Sunny deck requires overcoming two key obstacles:

  • drawing through those 50 cards with some efficiency, and
  • being able to afford expensive programs and a very expensive console.

My solutions for the first problem are nothing fancy.Diesel is the cheapest, fastest draw in the game. John Masanori combos well with Jak Sinclair and Citadel Sanctuary (and I wish we could fit another). Earthrise Hotel pairs well with the three Career Fairs we have here.

Other decks have gone with Symmetrical Visage and Off-Campus Apartment engines but this here seems to have the best balance of speed and consistency.

As for being able to afford Sunny's huge and powerful toys... I just jammed this deck full of money ;) Really, Temüjin Contracts and Dirty Laundries go a long way for Sunny keeping up with the corp, and draining an early Temmy on an open server is just as valid here as it is anywhere else.

Up to three Datasuckers, Underworld Contacts and Data Folding are how we're leveraging that 2 link for profit. Datasuckers were the priority over other programs because they're cheap and help us with the most expensive part of making repeat runs with Sunny - pumping her breakers.

There's no multi-access. You get a soft R&D lock with Globalsec Security Clearance but that's as hectic as it gets. The trade-off is that you'll have enough drip and run efficiency that you can consistently go wherever you want, even when you're partially set up.


Sunny cops a lot of flack for having one of the longest setup phases of any runner, if not the longest. We wanna get to at least a point of threatening the corp as quickly as possible. That gives us more time for setting up while they money up and shore up servers.

You really don't want to discard anything if you don't have do. A secondary Nexus, Jak or GSC are your most likely discards. Also, during that setup phase, expect to spend a lot of time clicking for credits while Earthrise drips in cards, or you need to money up to be able to install whatever you Diesel next turn.

Security Chip is best saved for remote runs when you'll get a lot of value out of it - breaking through multiple ICE and/or with a mix of breakers.

Making your Datasuckers a purge target while you set up can help buy more time to get programs and money online.

Once you set up, it's just about reading the board and figuring out where those agendas are. Remote camp like a boss and know your lines of play when they have a fast advance win available.

Late game, Temujin on HQ or the scoring remote (if they like to jam cards in there) - you're going to make fewer R&D runs with Globalsec Security Clearance out.


Potential Unleashed is easier because you have efficient draw, can run free with Jak Sinclair and Nexus is usually all you need to get in since they operate Ice light. This typically negates the "prison" effect of their set ups. Also, Globalsec Security Clearance helps make R&D runs safer.

Sunny's breakers laugh at Sandburg, bioroids and NEXT ICE. That trace on Ichi is delicious. Even partially set up you can start threatening remotes. This one feels like a 50-50.

The CTM matchup is yours. With a couple of Power Taps and/or a Sanctuary, they just stop firing the trace. Jak Sinclair helps you keep on top of those assets just watch out for the never advanced Breaking News.

Blue Sun is another 50-50. They can score out behind gearchecks if you're insufficiently set up. Getting the kill trace is hard for them though. Sunny gets too paid. Also, Jak Sinclair vs the Oversight AIed Janus is neat.

11 Jan 2017 CodeMarvelous

This looks very solid will be testing

11 Jan 2017 MrAaronSA

Deck looks fun. You address this, but no multi-access seems like you're hindering yourself. A soft-lock on R&D doesn't seem like it would be enough against biotics or san-sans.

11 Jan 2017 tzeentchling

I'm not sure if Nexus is even right in this deck. You start the trace at -3, though with Power Taps it's very nearly the same as even. This is one of the decks where you could probably legitimately get away without a console; or, alternatively, change the Diesels into Deuces Wild to save 3 inf and find a decent other console with a useful ability (SIFR comes to mind).

11 Jan 2017 IonFox

Pretty sure you can afford to lose Modded and Globalsec Security Clearance for a pair of The Turning Wheel and a spare card, and end up with more HQ/R&D pressure.

14 Jan 2017 JohnnyMilton

@MrAaronSA @IonFox You've got me considering making a swap for those Turning Wheels or a Nerve Agent or a Legwork. That late game Biotic Labor for the win scenario is tough, if the corp makes it to 6.

14 Jan 2017 JohnnyMilton

@tzeentchling Nice cal with the Deuces. I can dig that swap to free influence. Deuces is so dynamic.

With a Nexus and Sunny's ID, your link strength starts at 3. I'm okay with paying 2 or 1 to bypass a piece of ICE. With no AI and this many cards, Nexus serves the essential role of bridging us into a full breaker suite and saving/making us money in the late game. Super curious about Sifr in here though. Very spicy. Let me know how it treats you ;)

12 Feb 2017 Steamwood

How do you feel about using Patron instead of Diesel for draw? I feel the synergy with Temüjin Contract and Jak Sinclair gives some insane efficiency and it's worked very well for me so far. Does make me a bit more reliant on open servers, however.

12 Feb 2017 JohnnyMilton

@Steamwood I could see dropping 2 Diesels for a Patron and a Deuces, for sure.