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EnderA 476

The fourth in a series of aka Onesies decks, one for each faction, this is a combination of Stealth and Parasite abuse.

The Deck

This deck attacks on two fronts: breaking ice cheaply with stealth, and destroying ice with Parasite. Net Mercur makes sure you can get into any server by storing counters, while Cloak generates them each turn. Meanwhile, it builds up counters on The Turning Wheel for big multiaccess. (Jacking out from a run on HQ or R&D gives you a counter on The Turning Wheel.

Atman is in there since Datasucker is in there already (and solves otherwise awkward ICE, especially large barriers,) and Corroder is the obvious fracter choice. Grimoire and 2 Akamatsu Mem Chips provide extra MU for the long-run as you set up. Clone Chip mostly gets you more Parasites, but can also help with Self-modifying Codes. The lone Stimhack lets you in unexpectedly.

The rest is economy.

What you want to see in your starting hand? Self-modifying Code, Net Mercur, Diesel, Datasucker, Sure Gamble/Daily Casts.

Card Selection

Creation and Control is the obvious Deluxe, and Escalation is the obvious pack (Net Mercur and Houdini are both critical.)

The only question is which card to add. Some might go Temüjin Contract for raw power, but I think the multiaccess capability of The Turning Wheel is very valuable since you can charge counters with pseudo-runs (and it gives you multiaccess on HQ.) Going Temujin would also mean cutting some Parasites.

14 Jan 2017 Jakuza

Cool that you're doing this. All support is great.

15 Jan 2017 EnderA

Thanks! My objective is to show potential in each faction. Side effect is providing decks that can be easily constructed with a small collection.

Sadly, Sifr is likely making them out of date. Most runner decks will degenerate to Parasites + Sifr (+ Clone Chip + Déjà Vu + Datasucker + Atman.) Most corp decks will cry.