The Final SeanModernism-Winner of Oxford Not-a-Store-Champs

Brightsides 114


As much as I enjoy the decklist format with lots of hyperbole and GIFS, smart-ass names and overly detailed breakdowns, none of those are really my style. So I'll try and keep this sweet.

I've been playing Argus Rush-with-kill-and-lots-of-money (a.k.a Supermodernism) for about 8 months solid now. This is, as far as I am concerned, the final version of the deck. I will shortly be moving on, in an attempt to master all aspects of the meta.

However in a final hurrah, I did bring this along to Oxford's Not-a-store-champs earlier today, where it won.

My final score was 8-2 across the day, with Argus dropping a single game to Whizzard ( piloted by @noahwp ), who got a mad start combined with skilful and well reasoned play to exploit his advantage into a convincing victory. WP Noah.

The deck has seen only 3 changes from the previous SeanModernism list.

The Changeling was dropped for a third Scorch (courtesy of just_rob and Seamus) as Changeling was proving to be too much of a tempo hit to rez versus the impact it had on the runner.

The DNA tracker was swapped for Fairchild 3.0, as it was a. cheaper and b. The three click break is fine, as that often leaves them unable to clear the tag from Prisec, and god help them if they took the brain damage.

And finally blacklist for the third Jackson. Quite difficult to defend two servers, and runners have mostly gotten wise and stopped their bad habit of automatically dumping the conspiracy breakers in the heap.

I'd love to answer questions on this if anyone has any.

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14 Jan 2017 FightingWalloon

Congratulations! Well done. I've been learning to play a GRNDL deck that tries to do the same thing. I have 17 ice and sometimes can't get the key pieces I need to really push the rush. Do you ever have ice draw issues?

14 Jan 2017 Brightsides

@FightingWalloon Thanks :)

No I don't really find that I do. Actually I should clarify.

Since a hand full of agendas can be considered to be a hand full of traps in this deck, a flooded start is never really bad. (In fact you want the agendas to be coming thick and fast to maintain the pace)

Sure occasionally you don't see anything in your opening, but if you don't have Ice, you have traps, or the kill package. They hit that early, they'll either give you the flatline opportunity, or play more cautiously - giving you time to get a server out in the first 3 turns.

The only ICE draw issues that happen are when you draw dead gearchecks late game (Enigma when the Yog is installed) when you'd prefer an agenda to threaten in the remote.

However if you've made it to late game things are already going wrong...