VIRTUOSO (Blow Up All The Ice)

MrHuds0n 1164


So I've seen several people unnecessarily overcomplicate the Şifr+Parasite combo and I figured there really isn't much to it that needs explaining. This deck is very similar - it takes a good bit of skill to pilot but it's extremely simple in how it works.

  • Blank or trash most of their ICE.
  • Have a lot of money.
  • Access a lot of cards.

Using just parasite recursion you can trash pretty much every ICE in their deck at instant speed. I find myself sometimes even recurring the Clone Chip with Déjà Vu instead of the double Parasite just to do it at instant speed (although this depends on the situation).

Some things I noticed while testing this deck:

  • You absolutely need 3 Şifr. If you don't draw into it early you just sit at 30 credits with absolutely no way of getting into any server. You could instead increase the draw but that's pointless.
  • You absolutely need 3 Clone Chips for the instant speed parasite. Yeah sure you can try doing it with fewer to try toss in another engine like Faust or additional tech like Estrike or Levy but ultimately don't, Clone Chips are better.
  • Once you get comfortably set up with Şifr and you have enough recursion in hand make sure to trash at least one ICE per turn.

Some things to consider including: Employee Strike, Street Magic, Net-Ready Eyes, more Salsette Slums, Modded, Progenitor, a decoder.

15 Jan 2017 PurinaBisonChow

How do you intend to handle Lotus Field (which is sure to make a resurgence now that Sifr is here)?

15 Jan 2017 MrHuds0n

@PurinaBisonChowThat's... uhh... Something I haven't thought of while building the deck. But in case that becomes a problem, -1 Medium +1 Black Orchestra.