Argus - Ottos Video Games & More SC 3rd Place

Kyle_Swann 39

While I only took third overall in our Store Champs, this deck went undefeated and killed the runner in each game.

The goal of the deck was to be as proactively hostile as possible, hurting the runner whether they were stealing agendas or not. Timing the scoring of Vulcan Coverup and Show of Force for when they were low on cards and following up with Contract Killers, Scorch or Boom if needed. Alternatively, building up the capital to throw a Hard Hitting News followed by a Boom or double Scorched Earth.

20 Jan 2017 Letsaros

0 Jacksons? Really? Even though you got 1 influence left AND a card slot left to play at least 1?

20 Jan 2017 ANRguybrush

Remember to say "I rez Ireress" when you rez Ireress.

20 Jan 2017 ogrillion

This looks... really nasty. Can you provide more insight into ice/card placement? Where does the Ireress usually go? How do you advance Show of Force without the runner stealing it?, Or are you so actively punching them in the grip that they can't go get it?

23 Jan 2017 Kyle_Swann

@LetsarosTotally 0 Jacksons. Not that he wouldn't have his uses of course and I'm sure people would find ways to make him work but draw wise, Consulting Visit or Project Atlas does my fetch job if needs be. Typically though I don't find myself short on cards in hand.

23 Jan 2017 Kyle_Swann

@ogrillionThank you! Ireress will usually go over R&D or serve as bluff ice, if I have enough bad pub to give it subroutines then keeping the runner from trashing R&D is the most useful place for it. If possible, timing Show of Force so that it's in play with Contract Killers can cause shellgame runs but timing matters most. Getting it in play when the runner is out of credits, for example after getting rid of Hard-Hitting News tags or fighting Dor to Door, can work and keeping it behind the Nerual Katanas makes for a double whammy if they're not prepared. However, punching them straight in the grip is most effective, especially if you can keep Ibrahim Salem in play long enough to really affect their rig.