Go on - rez that ice. I dare you (who the hell thought Sifr

pjbuckhurst 7

Pick one central server and destroy the ice with blackmail and en passant. Pick the other server and destroy with parasite and sifr. Prob have about 2 months before Sifr or parasite has been restricted/errated/banned

18 Jan 2017 oldman

One word. Prey

18 Jan 2017 Zakalwe

@oldman Problem: Once you 'pass' the Ice, which is required for Prey, you are no longer 'encountering' the Ice, which means ┼×ifr's effect is no longer active and the Ice reverts to it's normal strength.

If you read my review of Prey there is a bit of an explanation of why this also means Wyrm doesn't work with Prey either.