Get Savvy skipping

Xanshi 199


First let's start that the id intrigues me. I quite understand that the id's has limitations. It's those limitations is the reason why Khan: Savvy Skiptracer isn't being played much. The aim is to maximize Khan potential, and play sort of a different criminal deck.

Deck Notes:


  • Let me start Şifr is the biggest reason i start contemplating on building a Khan deck. I cannot deny that Desperado overall usefulness. But i felt that Şifr is a much better console to use than Desperado. Khan ice breakers are solid on it's own but it takes a lot of to derez and reinstall the icebreaker. Şifr completely negates the need to pump the ice breaker, saving you the necessary to push with your run. The best part of Şifr, it cost the same influence as Desperado.

WHY?!? Forged Activation Orders?

  • A long forgotten card. I even forgot that this card was in the coreset. But why are we using Forged Activation Orders? Because Khan is the perfect id to use it. Big ICE is common these days with the DNA Trackers, Fairchilds, Data Ward, Tollbooths and etc. The ability to derez an ice like that is a tempo hit. But knowing it's a big ice protecting and forcing them to rez with the event is unexpected tempo hit. The event works like a pseudo siphon. If he doesn't then it's one less big ice to worry. Either way it's win a win situation.

EN PASSANT... This should have been a criminal card.

  • Nothing much to say about this card. It's another card you can use after you derez a nasty ice.

Two Temujin Contracts?!?!?

  • For starters, we need to change our playstyle with Khan: Savvy Skiptracer. Because of her id's limitation. You'll be jacking out on your runs if need to. No successful run, no from the contract. You'll be running less because you want wait and find an opportunity to bust through the ice with minimal resistance.

Turning Wheel

  • Because we won't be going for a successful runs. I felt The Turning Wheel is the best card to use as multi access tool.

Sahasrara and Savoir-faire

  • Originally, the deck was using Pheromones. But i quickly change it to Sahasrara for some flexibility where i can use the recurring . Savoir-faire is use to make two succeeding derez ice.

I hope you like what i build. Let me know if there are ways to improve the deck. Thanks.

20 Jan 2017 shazzner

Love this! I made something similar when En Passant came out.

13 Feb 2017 Soulcow

Wow, I'd love to try this. I really like the khan idea, but I haven't seen any decks that seem to make this work, or seem to make use of all the cards supporting the idea. So how about all your 1-offs? how often do/don't you find what you're looking for? And It seems you're low on econ, but actually ice trashing/derezzing + sifr also does a lot of work for you - so are you often low on money, or does it all work out? I wanna try this asap :p

22 Feb 2017 Iohp

Looks like a job 4