Sunny 9-5 (Onesies)

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deleriad 104

This is the Sunny deck I've been using over the last 3 weeks in my local league. It's done passably well: won 2, lost 2. Choices are Core set + Data & Destiny + Salsette Island + Another Day, Another Paycheck

Main issue with Sunny in onesies, is that she needs money and lots of it. She also has a stupidly large deck and no draw power. For that reason I chose Salsette Island as my data pack because she can use 12 cards: Making an Entrance, Exclusive Party and Sports Hopper all of which strip, filter or otherwise accelerate her deck. Ideally you can use maknig an Entrance early on to ditch some parties and stack your draws.

As soon as you get your Opus out then your money problems are over. If you're waiting for it, then Armitage works like a short-duration Opus for a while.

Tends to be two ways to play this deck. Nexus + some combination of Jak & Globalsec Security Clearance let you nibble away at the corp and/or snip points off the top of R&D.

Other times you just get breakers out and pay money the old fashioned way. Her current is awesome in the end game because it allows her to make an expensive break and recover straight away without opening up a corp scoring window. You often need to come back from 3-4 points down. It can also delete annoying corp currents in the early/mid game when you're not scoring agendas. I've been strongly tempted to take Underworld Contact as my 3-of card but I never seem to draw him early enough to make a difference.

No Rabbit holes. You don't really need the link and it's one less tempo hit.

Technical Writer: like Underworld contact, never seems to make a difference but maybe I'm just unlucky. There ought to be enough hits in this deck to make him work.

Security chip: I can't stress enough how good this card is. In the end game it frequently saves me 12-16 credits when I need to make an end run. It's like Stim Hack but better and doesn't cost influence.

Multithreaders have been in and out. Sometimes Easy Mark has come in, other times Datasuckers. Essentially they give one of your breakers +3 STR once per turn so they generally pay for themselves. Datasuckers might be a little more consistent.

All in all it's a fun deck to play because it tends to play differently each time you break it out. That said, I wouldn't recommend it because it takes half the night. The corp can't kill you and you can usually grind it to a halt but then it takes a long to get to the win.

Anyhow, this is my first published deck and I'm not exactly an expert. Data and Destiny was my first big box and Sunny was my first runner and you never forget your first runner.

20 Jan 2017 Sanjay

This deck is really cool! Making an Entrance is a really interesting card for Sunny. Looking at your list has made me think about playing it even outside of the Onsies format.

How important is Another Day, Another Paycheck? I haven't been super impressed by the card but it occasionally squeaks its way into Sunny decks because hey, why not, it's free! But it seems like it costs a lot more for you, since it is your ONE card. Underworld Contact seems more appealing to me, but you probably know better than me.

Anyway, cool deck.

20 Jan 2017 deleriad

Thanks @sanjay. I've really gone back and forth over Another Day, Another Paycheck. It's either useless or crucial. Underworld Contact is probably more consistent. I used to stick with ADAP partly to counteract currents but I've not seen that many currents in Onesies so I would probably swap it out for Underworld Contact next time I break out this deck.

20 Jan 2017 Sanjay

It's even possible that neither of those cards is the right choice. Underworld Contact is certainly at his best with Sunny, but does that mean the one credit drip a turn will make a difference? Hard to say.

I haven't done a lot of Onesies deckbuilding, but the challenge of picking one card out of all the cards available as your special one card seems like it can be really challenging!

20 Jan 2017 Jakuza

This is really cool. Haven't seen many mini faction builds.