Hole Level: Keyed

pikachewbacca 147

Corp got you down? Are you sick of all their friends in their high places? Are you tired of their preemptive actions to undo the work of your trashing? Do you really hate breaking ice? Do you like drawing cards when you've fallen behind from a corp scoring one of their nasty agendas? Do you cringe at the at thought of being boomed? Fear no more. This deck has a plan.

Give 'em the keyhole.


I'm attempting to cram the entire Hall of Fame of degenerate runner cards into one deck. Two first ballot entrants are bound to be Aaron Marrón and Şifr. Account Siphon and Parasite are the bread and butter of any good hate bear. Throw in the Eater and Keyhole and baby you got a stew going.

All of that is feelsbad enough for the corp to deal with, but that's just the ICE-ing on the cake. At the gooey center of our molten cake is Keyhole. With 3x cutlery, 2x Déjà Vu, 3x DDoS, and Eater, no ice is enough to keep R&D safe.

Here's some serious reasons why you might want to play this deck considering what you might see in the ever-changing meta:

HB sandvich/FIHP/fast-advance: Siphon slows them down, slums stops the FIHP bs. This deck isn't as soft to CVS as medium decks. Not an easy matchup, but if you keep them using FIHP to replace ice rather than Adonis/Eve/San San, you're pulling ahead.

CI: Keyhole is not as good as medium here, perhaps, but the ability to dig three deep at a time to look for agendas is a good start. If you're lucky you might slums some jacksons on the way to at least make it harder to combo. Against hasty, whiffing on agendas means you can discard the hasty relocations. Mulligan for account siphon for either flavor. Wanton is great here too.

Haarp/Sync/CTM: GG. Haarp is a good counterplay to medium right now, so next level is keying their hole. Sync doesn't increase the cost of a power counter on Aaron. As if siphon and slums wasn't good enough for CTM, Aaron shuts breaking news DOWN.

IG: siphon and slums are key as usual. Keyhole trashes face-up. If this is rampant, you might want to slot 2x strike over an Aaron in your meta, but overall, keeping them poor and running the assets as Whizzard does can get you there.

On some card choices:

Wanton Destruction: as you see on the front page of decklists, more and more lists are playing zero assets to play around Whizzard or slums. Keeping them poor with siphon also leads to agenda flooding. Either way, wanton is a great way to pile on the pressure.

Recursive breakers: thanks to the new cycle, you can discard these (pls no Ark Lockdown) and recur them to snipe agendas on remotes. In the past, more setup was required to challenge said remotes and you'd need to have the money to install Yog.0/Mimic/Corroder up front.

Remember that you are a keyhole deck. Always be willing to adapt the plan, but an iceless R&D is the beautiful outcome you're usually working toward.