Andromeda Bradbury (1st Place Kay Jays Store Champs Melbourn

Smattc 455


I won a store champs at Kay Jays yesterday doing what we call in Australia a "Bradbury". He won a gold medal in skating because everyone in front of him fell over and he skated past them for the gold.

This happened to me yesterday. Split. Getting swept 2nd round and then not losing a game from then on. In the last round everything had to go perfect in other games for me to fall into 4th spot for the cut and it did.

Overall the deck did very well beating Sync's and Sandburg HB's.

Sifr was amazing in the HB match up. Net shield won me the game against FIHP IG match up and was a key include in a meta i thought would have a lot of PU and IG.

Overall the plan against most corps is simple. Get a fast start and and turn into Leela if i can using gang signs to keep the pressure on. Interfaces are gold with Sifr to keep getting in and econ just keeps rolling in if you get an early marron down.

Rest of the deck is self explanatory.

I am confident this deck works against most match ups. As usual it will struggle against Batty type decks.

I don't want to go into a huge write up as i haven't really re-invented the wheel here.

23 Jan 2017 Rookie Jr

the deck only has 39 cards?

23 Jan 2017 Rookie Jr

nevermind, NR DB being a jerk.