...In Under Seven Turns or Your Money Back!

partialcharge 178

Trash the corroder. Stop the runs. Score the agendas. Drop the mic.

9 Apr 2014 invictus_blue

I'm very tempted to try this. A pure rush deck with one simple trick up it's sleeve. With only 13 ice, do you have a problem consistently getting them? Seems that the 3x Anonymous Tip will help with that.

9 Apr 2014 partialcharge

Thanks, I'm tempted to try it, too! Haven't had a chance to put it on the table yet. ;p

I tend to make slow moving decks; either I build hell servers and Biotic Labor fast advance big agendas, or I rush match point and sit on a bunch of meat damage, or... well you get the idea. I really wanted to see what a deck that moves at warp speed feels like.

As far as consistently getting the ICE, I've done a ton of test drawing and it seems like I get enough. My hope is that they see barrier-barrier-barrier and go grab their fracter and have a sentry popped on them. Any decent player will expect this, of course, but I might be able to sneak it in. Also, yes, there's a lot of draw very deliberately included in this deck to make sure I can get what I need.

I also hope that after watching two agendas slammed out (full on Astrotrain, anyone?) I might be able to bait them into the aggressive secretary.


9 Apr 2014 bionicsheep

Not sure about the Grim / NAPD Contract synergy (god, I've even started talking like a corporation), but I like the idea - ideally I suppose you'd only want to rez one Grim so NAPD becomes 5/2, or Astrotrain it when necessary. I suppose the tempo hit for the runner is worse than the tempo hit for you, so you can afford it, and the only other real option is PSF which doesn't really have any upsides with this, so yeah.

Might give it a shot only and see what comes together!

9 Apr 2014 partialcharge

Yeah, bionic, I don't like the way those two play together, either. But it's eminently possible that one of the following will happen: -I never need to rez a Grim -I score 1 or more NAPD Contracts before rezing a Grim -I never need to score an NAPD

Also, as you said, there's just no better 3 or 4 cost agenda available. Thought about Market Research when I was first putting this together, but I couldn't make room for reliable tagging ICE or events. Given that, I like NAPD Contracts special stuff over the remote possibility of scoring a Market Research against a "Tag me!" runner.

9 Apr 2014 lolpaca

What about Character Assassination? Might not be great but it's at least got no chance of slowing you down. Anyway I love the look of this deck, very focused, and not an Action Jackson in sight!

9 Apr 2014 bionicsheep

Another quick thought - what about replacing one or two Grim with Guard to prevent Inside Job shenanigans when H&P drops? Less corroder trashing power, but still seems like a solid play.

9 Apr 2014 partialcharge

Thanks, lolpaca! That's a really interesting idea, and the resource trashing certainly has the potential to come in handy. I'll try it out with both and see how it does.

bionic, that's another great idea. Guard may well have a place in this deck and deserves testing.

10 Apr 2014 yeoda

Can I ask how you deal with knights? it seems like all TWIY decks die to knight.

I like it though. Great idea.

10 Apr 2014 partialcharge

Thanks, yeoda! I still haven't taken it to the table, so I can't say for sure. However, I imagine that if I saw a knight I would treat it as a top-level threat, just like any other fracter or strong AI breaker. Knight is particularly scary, since the base 7 strength is enough do deal with Wraparound sans a fracter!

10 Apr 2014 PeekaySK

Can I ask how you deal with knights?

He doesn't :D Generally, the only counter-play options to knight are:

  • Crap-ton of subroutines
  • Multi-layered ICE everywhere
  • Troubleshooter used on a nasty Destroyer (Rototurret need not apply)
  • ICE redundancy big enough that you can repeatedly uninstall whatever is knighted at the end of the turn
  • Click compression in combination with at least one of the above

For TWIY, none of those are really an option, you just have to tough it out and hope you'll be faster than those server-hopping bastards.

10 Apr 2014 yeoda

Haha, so wise Peekay.

I'm just worried about Gabe with account siphon, knights, and inside jobs. That deck just seems to destroy this kind of deck. And lots of people play Gabe knights. So I'm inclined to play a 40 card deck because I like the small size but I'm afraid of the aforementioned threats.

10 Apr 2014 partialcharge

Well there you have it! Best hope in that scenario, I imagine, would be to have already rushed out one or more agendas and get them to face check a secretary. Can't count on that, of course. C'est la vie.

Also, says who I'm a "he"? =p

10 Apr 2014 lolpaca

Been playing around with this a bit and I really like it. Only other suggestion I'd make is maybe replace Restructure with Red Herrings - this deck seems to like running on low money and while it's nice to have cash, stacked RHs will really toughen up your one and only remote.

10 Apr 2014 lolpaca

Also swapped Paper Wall for Quandary. Mo' breakers, mo' snipe targets.

11 Apr 2014 PeekaySK

stacked RHs will really toughen up your one and only remote

If you want to go that route, probably should find space for two Tollbooths, though. Red Herrings lose a lot of their charms when the runner can get in cheaply,

From the published list, I'd go with:

  • 3 Paper Walls out
  • 1 Wraparound out
  • 2 Enigmas in
  • 2 Tollbooths in

I'd definitely pick Enigma over Quandary simply based on how much of your ICE is already Str 0 - both Parasite and a 0-str Atman make Quandary an inferior choice here, I feel.

Also, says who I'm a "he"? =p

These are the internets, everyone is a 15-year old boy (except for people who claim they are a she, those are usually balding 49-year old men with issues) :P