Blue Sunset (1st Hurstville SC, 21/1/17)

Inactivist 263

A relatively no-frills Blue Sun Midseason deck, with a couple of tweaks in testing. I'd consult Max's writeups for more comprehensive analysis.

Meru Mati for a cheap ETR to defend an OAI play or for when your moon workers go on strike.

You will get Employee Striked (Employee Struck?). It's just a thing that's going to happen. Don't overcommit your econ and you should be fine until you can jam an Atlas, or a Paywall or Consulting shows up. Even in the worst case scenario, it will almost certainly cost the Runner a lot more to take your Fat Ice out than it did for you to OAI it, and there's plenty more Oversight to be had. Don't go broke on a hard rez if you can anticipate a Strike, but a giant Ice on a server that won't disappear after being broken is not the worst thing that can happen to you (that would be Emergency Shutdown). Had to win one game against a 3x Strike 3x SOT deck by just double-stacking OAI Curtains, so don't forget that OAI can be more than just an econ bounce piece.

Throw an early Ice on Archives even if you can't rez it just to discourage an early Temujin (Assassin is great for this). As long as you can force bad econ trades on the Runner, you're edging towards the Midseasons. Snatch and Grab was a slot in other decks to snipe Film Critic, but I wasn't expecting a ton of it on the day and it paid off.

Preemptive Action did work for reloading Best Defense/OAI/Operation of choice for Consult. Juggled 2x Mills because I was expecting at least one Val, swapped to a Cyberdex that I never saw. The one time I saw Liz in the matchup she was ironically enough getting trashed with a Bad Pub. Such is life.

Lost once in Swiss (Temujin Whizz) and once in cut (Val Frantically digging for D4v1d), both times holding the kill in hand while I gave up too many R&D accesses. When I remembered to actually put a Fat Ice on R&D it went a lot better.

My suggested tweak to the deck post-Sifr is to put it back in the box and tell your grandkids fondly about how high your rez costs were back in the day, when Corps were bigger and you had to run through 15 Ice just to get to school in the morning.