Sifr Congress Kate - 2nd Place 3 Trolls Games MA

edpaget 208

Finished 2nd playing this deck at the 3 Trolls Games SC in Massachusetts on January 20th. I went 2-1 in Swiss with it (ID'd into the cut in the final round) and 2-1 in the cut.

The idea is just to pair the Congress Kate econ engine with the stupid power of parasifr. Influence for those pieces means you lose the Stimhacks from the original and the vamp from aandries version. Instead you get to drain the corp's econ by trashing all those tolbooths and FC3s, while building up enough credits to setup remote and R&D lock.

In Swiss:

Round 1 - I played a newer player on Making News. This was my only loss on either side in the Swiss. I ran too aggressively and left myself tagged and open to a double Scorch. Turns out -1 hand size from Sifr means one sports hopper is not enough to save you.

Round 2 - Was against a fellow Pandemonium player on TBB's Sleeperhold. I was able to setup the clot lock early in the game and then score a couple times on single accesses against a weakly defended HQ. Make sure to run HQ. Especially when you're playing a FA deck that you've clot locked. Agendas just pile up in the midgame.

Round 3 - Played a local 3 Trolls player on Architects of Tomorrow. Again, I was able to setup the clot lock early to keep him off the biotic FA game He had both FC3 and Sherlock that I parasifred repeatedly, keeping him too poor to setup a really secure remote. He did hit me a with a Helion Beta Test to remove Sifr, but I already had the second copy in hand. I think I won this game off R&D accesses.

Round 4 - ID.

In the Cut:

Winner's Semifinal - Vs @Anachron's Titan FA deck. I had a really terrible start and he was able to keep my SMCs and Clone chips off the table with Power Shutdown. Unable to setup my drip econ, I played too cautiously around the kill that it turned out wasn't in his deck at all. Lost to Biotic Atlas..

Loser's Semifinal - Vs Russian NEH. I had an absurd openning hand that gave me a first turn of Gamble, Gamble, SMC, daily casts. With the clot threat and that econ, I was able to run every new remote, while he was only able to cvs through my clot a single time to score a Beale.

Finals - Game 1 I run vs @Anachron's Titan deck again. This time I have a much better start and am able to trash Zu and Inti to keep my SMCs and Chips on the board when he plays power shutdown. This was the only game I played Levy, as it allowed me get Zu back to contest a Lotus Field remote.

Overall, this deck seems relatively well positioned against a field with a lot HB fast advance. I think if you expect CI it might be worth trying to figure out how to slot a vamp or additional Sac Cons, and if you don't think you'll be seeing Jinteki (esp prison Jinteki) the Feedback Filter is useless. Remember to Slot the Clot shaper players!

23 Jan 2017 bubbathegoat

I love it! I am obsessed with Vamp, but I have found it too unreliable to keep FA consistently in check without HQ multiaccess.

The classic remote lock + Clot is just too strong, and too often overlooked. It plays well in a deck that wants to set up a lot of econ, and can camp the remote/lock R&D. Congress at its finest, congrats!

27 Jan 2017 formerteen

is there a reason for the 1x Magnum Opus? do you just SMC for it in matches where you need a big Vamp or something?

28 Jan 2017 Anachron

I really enjoyed our games! This deck was not on my radar at all going into that event; it seems really well positioned right now. Thanks for sharing it!

28 Jan 2017 edpaget

@formerteen I'm not running Vamp in this deck for Magnum Opus is less relevant early in the game for this deck as oppposed to aandries's worlds Kate deck. You want to be playing draw cards and installing your drip econ early on.

Magnum is valuable in the midgame to punish the corp for not forcing you run remotes (Oh you didn't install anything, guess I'll just take 8 credits on top of 4-6 credits from my drip econ). Against asset spam or net damage decks, you'll want to SMC for it earlier, so you can keep up trashing and paying for feedback filter, but your breakers are less important in those match ups.