Marathon (Sifr Whizzard)

Vitesse0 2

Run all day.

Déjà Vu: Grab your Parasites, pick up a milled Levy AR Lab Access, or money cards.

Dirty Laundry: Easily replaceable.

Inject: Discard Black Orchestra, MKUltra, or Paperclip and draw three cards for one click.

I've Had Worse: Auto-include against inevitable Snare!. Use hopper at start of corp draw when you are tagged or scored Government Takeover to survive Punitive Counterstrike or BOOM!. Draw back up after the failed damage combo and easily win the game.

Levy AR Lab Access: Necessary recursion in glacier matchups.

Rumor Mill: Great hate on Jackson Howard, Caprice Nisei, or Marcus Batty.

Employee Strike: Switch out rumor mill if against Blue Sun, Potential Unleashed, or CTM.

Sure Gamble: Solid.

Şifr: Worst card in the deck kappa.

Sports Hopper: If corp tags you and forces you to end your turn, use hopper after mandatory corp draw and go up to seven or eight.

Plascrete Carapace: Switch out a hopper for a carapace if you find yourself against Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed, Builder or Boom.

Daily Casts: Easily replaceable.

Earthrise Hotel: Four credits and one click gives six cards over three turns. Compare with Wyldside and pancakes combo. How consistent would you like your deck?

Salsette Slums: Consider running two-of depending on recursion meta.

Same Old Thing: Consider running two copies and one less Déjà Vu.

Temüjin Contract: Yes, please. You can remove both D4v1ds to put in a third contract.

Black Orchestra: Since I don't run Forked, Knifed:, or Spooned, I need icebreakers that I can install from heap.

MKUltra: See above.

Paperclip: See above.

Faust: It's ok, I guess.

D4v1d: Usually useful to bounce off Fairchild 3.0, Archangel, or Tollbooth before Parasite combo with Sifr.

Medium: Win con. Consider running Omar Keung: Conspiracy Theorist if you don't want to punish recursion by slumming them.

Parasite: Remove parasites from the deck to unlock amazing combo: 1. Click for 1 credit. 2. Concede.

Forked: Less useful because of Friends in High Places. Does not combo with slums. Consider running a copy of spoon, but I took fork and knife out while I experiment.

Spooned: Dumblespoon > Dumblefork any day. Opinion me.

Knifed: This card is usually dead in hand. See above.