Deafening Noise

obscurica 1297

Noise can do a lot of damage extremely quickly with a Sifr-Parasite-Deja Vu recursion chain. That's not even counting how easily Medium works when you've ripped through all of their R&D ice

Granted, with Yog and Parasites on the MWL, you're not left with a lot of extra-factional options, but I'm loathe to part with SMC for consistency purposes -- and to better-guarantee that Noise's ability's procced.

Struggled with whether or not to fit Tapwrm into the deck, as it's a bit brutal econ-wise, but it was taking up influence better-used for Hades Shard and Employee Strike. Would welcome suggestions for how to improve the econ game here.

23 Jan 2017 x3r0h0ur

Seems too low on econ, vulnerable to HHN. The SMCs could just be clone chips if you upped the draw package with say, inject. Clone chip parasite is nuts.

24 Jan 2017 obscurica

Hm. In which case, I should probably move the basic framework onto MaxX instead... If maximizing recursion, we might as well maximize heap access. Still need a better way to deal with HHN too...