Burning Chrome (2x Şifr included, 47 cards).

Katsushika 333

alt text

I think this is probably as far as you can push Şifr if you REALLY want to abuse it. You can tear down servers with this unreasonably fast.

Be aggressive with Eater, get plenty of ICE rezzed then tear it all down again, and again, and again.

If they build a scoring remote, focus on blowing it up then Wanton their hand.

Hacktivist Meeting is really good disruption right now with asset spam on the rise and ETF FIHPing campaigns all day.

Between Clone Chip, Deja Vu, Ret Run and SoT you have access to a lot of Parasites, especially if you're fortunate to draw them all before Maxx throws them into your heap. Inject is an effort to do that.

CI is getting more popular. Save your Déjà Vus & Same Old Things for a horrible amount of Vamps.

This is a fairly early draft, so try it out and let me know if you have any suggestions in the comments!

24 Jan 2017 Katsushika

PS for those that can't see them there are two Şifr. Realised people may not notice this as it's packing 47.

24 Jan 2017 Krams

What is your thought on a 1-of Clot?

24 Jan 2017 joechip90

En Passant might be another way to punish the corp if they don't rez ICE for you to parasite

24 Jan 2017 cursor

If they don't rez ice for you to parasite, you're winning anyway, @joechip90.

24 Jan 2017 BagOfHolding

room for a DataSucker just to give Sifr that extra blow up value?

24 Jan 2017 Katsushika

@Krams so far I've found Keyhole/Wanton/Hacktivist to be efficient enough disruption vs HB with Biotics but needs more testing to see if Clot is required. Keeping a record of my FA games :)

@joechip90 I'm with @cursor on this one. If they aren't rezzing ICE they'll have bigger problems :)

@BagOfHolding what role would Sucker function? Şifr doesn't need the support imho.

24 Jan 2017 Lancelot1983

I Would -1 Kati and -1 Keyhole and -1 Eater and +1 Datasucker or +1 Sifr

24 Jan 2017 Lancelot1983

And Sucker is important because u can use Sifr only 1 per turn so when have a server with 3 ice u could deal easy with 1 but what then u sea sucker could be good, for @BagOfHolding

25 Jan 2017 BagOfHolding

Yeah - I've found Sucker immensely helpful - can kill ICE quicker with Sifr / Parasite if you need to get access quickly or you've got 2 parasite out, Sifr can kill one ice, DS the other in a 2 deep server - just gives it that extra bit of annoyance value

25 Jan 2017 ANtheguy.brush..

This looks like a cool list, but do we want IHW? It doesn't help against Boom, but it's useful in odd net damage matchups or against scorched. We have no papparazi, so I think we want the IHW.

25 Jan 2017 cursor

Having played this a handful of times, my main concerns have been econ. Never really been in a position to Vamp, there are quite a few expensive installs and Kati feels a bit slow. Trying it out with 2 QG and 3 Day Jobs in place of her, with -1 RetRun -1 Hacktivist -1 Plascrete to fit it. I would disagree with both IHW and Sucker, the existence of Sifr is shifting people over to low strength, low cost ice, or to focus more on Lotus and Architect, sucker will do very little. I think with both IHW and Plascrete, the gain from those cards against kill decks is outweighed by the loss of those four slots against everything else. The best strategy for avoiding kill seems to be just moar Keyhole and Wanton. Tempted to try to fit in an Amped Up, as getting a worthwhile Wanton off has also been a struggle. Will keep testing.

25 Jan 2017 Katsushika

@cursor I share your concern after having played more games with the list. All seem like sensible changes.

With Wanton hitting all 5 cards does seem good against Boom decks (followed by excessive Keyholing). I think the cut for Amped up should be MK Ultra as we can insta-Para Sworsdman.

So, for those following:

-1 Retrieval Run -2 Kati Jones -1 Plascrete Carapace -1 Hacktivist Meeting -1 Eater

+1 Amped Up +3 Day Job +2 Queen's Gambit

The other aspect I want to keep an eye on is whether -1 Clone Chip +1 Levy AR Lab Access is worth it. Thoughts?

25 Jan 2017 Katsushika

-1 MK Ultra* Not -1 Eater!

30 Jan 2017 Myriad

x1 Apocalypse for a Late game reset?

You would just need to cut x1 Clone Chip!

6 Feb 2017 corbeil93

Played this deck about 10-15 games, and realised that against Glacier deck, it was painful.. Any idea or advice on how to deal with it because Maxx is so much fun, and fast!

6 Feb 2017 Katsushika

@corbeil93Against Glacier facecheck everywhere with Eater/Conspiracy beakers apart from R&D - Vamp them then start Keyholing. Aim your Parasites at their scoring remote. Don't let them have one, HQ should become quite lucrative then hit them with Wanton. That's my best advice :)