Rockin' Weyland - beyoken weyland challenge deck

shazzner 817

Based of the youtube challenge by Ben Ni aka 'Beyoken', see more info here:

With the card provided, my general idea is make lots of money and score out (no kill cards) leveraging my economic advantage. So I started gravitating towards Sandburg. My biggest problem with Sandburg being that it becomes very difficult to protect, while you're also trying to score. So I wanted an asset, Sandburg, and an agenda in the same remote at the same time. Impossible right?

Well enter the greatly overlooked, and in my opinion should have been in Weyland card, Full Immersion RecStudio which can host up to 2 assets or agendas. You can do some neat stuff like host both a Snare! and a Fetal AI (if you're Jinteki) in a single remote forcing the runner to access all and probably killing them.

So we can host both our Oaktown and our Sandburg in the same remote and keep it protected under a pile of high strength ice. That's my completely untested theory-crafting idea.

25 Jan 2017 shazzner

Here's a response from the man himself:

"A couple of thoughts:

  • I would play more sentries. High STR sentries is a huge Achilles heel for Shapers and especially Crims. Exploit that. Blow up their rigs and win.
  • Valencia is a gaping weakness. Thankfully, you have a convenient in-faction solution!
  • I know I originally prescribed BABW, but would you say this works better in Blue Sun? Crucially, you have the ability to bounce Sandburg back to your HQ, which is vital if you draw Sandburg and RecStudio in the wrong order. That way you can rearrange them and start scoring agendas in the same server."
25 Jan 2017 clydeiii

Can't the runner just trash the rec studio if it is hosting snare and fetal?

26 Jan 2017 shazzner

If they have 9 credits, yes.