dawspawn 12

This is a variation on a typical Geist Siege Engine build that I took to my local store champ last weekend. Instead of a Political Operative, I decided to try out Aaron, since he seems pretty awesome, and you can go get him with Hostage.

I went 2-2 with it, which reflected some good play and deckbuilding from my opponents. I started with a timed loss to IG49, which we only had about 11 minutes to play because our first game went really long. After that I beat an AOT, lost big time to CtM, and won again against PU.

The PU game was particularly fun, as I was down to one card left in hand after Levying, and would have died next turn to Bio Ethics if my Medium dig had been unsuccessful. Against CtM I tried to clear a Sensie and a Bankers on the first turn, and immediately got HHN'd, and was stuck in tag hell for the rest of the game. Aaron would have been helpful, but probably still a bad matchup for these slower Geist builds.

All in all, Geist seems really good right now. I've already seen some better builds posted, so the testing will certainly continue. For instance, I think On The Lam is definitely warranted. I think you could also switch to Saker or Breach as your fracter and spend the influence on something else.

29 Jan 2017 stoppableforce

What a jerk, that Aaron Marron, showing up halfway through the game on a Peddler. ;)