Dumble - 2nd @ 2 NYC Store Champs (1/22, 1/28)

Larro 20

After taking Power Tap Andy earlier in SC season, I took old reliable for a spin at back to back Store Champs, and he didn't disappoint.

Whizzard was 3-1 in Swiss at The Uncommons SCs, beating 2x Sleeper ETF and Blue Sun, losing only to an interesting Biotech deck. Went 1-1 in the cut, relying on Slums and Strikes to beat IG49, but dropped a tight game to the eventual winner in the Grand Final who was on Sleeper ETF.

Whizzard again went 2-1 in Swiss (ID'd 4th round) 1/28 at the Compleat Strategist SC, losing to CI7, and beating Sleeper ETF and SOL, backed this time by an undefeated CTM deck, which let me finish as 1st in Swiss. Whizzard dropped the only game in the cut, again to CI7, despite finding several Strikes early and SOT for a 3rd Strike. VLC makes me sad.

Re: card choices, nothing new to see here really. It's basically @TheBigBoy Dumble from two weeks ago, opting to add in the 3rd Faust over a Career Feer, and a 2nd Slums as the 46th card because I didn't know what to cut. Sifr / Parasite is stupid, 2+ Strike basically mandatory ATM, and 2x Spooned deals with Lotus.

Find Wyldside, get money, trash stuff. Long live the Whizz.