The South Bend Blend (3rd place Pasttimes Chicago, IL)

x3r0h0ur 8633

List played with @codemarvelous on ANRBlackhats, changed up to include siphon, its more equitable with Aaron being out. After my experience on the show, and expecting prison decks. I put slums in over real breakers. Slums basically did nothing, but the lack of real breakers didn't matter that much. Lots of changes due, but it did okay. 2-2 in swiss, 1-1 in elim. 2 losses to railgun, 1 to FriendsCoats.

Highlight was hitting 80+ credits with 40 or so tags repeatedly siphoning and 1 shotting RnD until I won vs BOOMsun, relying on hopper and Aaron, and fall guys to hang on to 7 cards on the corp's turn.

Changes would be putting in Sherman/Zu, 3rd crescentus, cutting slums for Source and as decent as it was, cutting FtT for 1 Estrike (though they didn't do a whole lot on the day) and the real breaker of choice.

Aaron was dope with Faust.

2 Feb 2017 dawspawn

I've been adding Faust to Geist since watching your channel, and have also become a believer. It's so nice to instant speed draw with Aaron and challenge any remote. I almost want to slot an e3 Feedback Implants and see how that works, but you don't really need it at all.

I can't give up Medium, though, that still seems like the best multiaccess for my play style.