Friendly Neighborhood Bioroid 1st @ The Deep SC, Hsv AL

sjohn 106

With criminal getting such a boost with Aaron, and anarchs getting a boost with Şifr I figured HB FA was a very strong meta call. Friends recently came out and with a lot of ICE destruction I chose to go with the NEXT package for maximum benefit out of limited investment. The weakest card in the deck over the match was likely Marcus Batty but it would be very beneficial in a matchup that was running clot where I had to build real scoring remote. Preemptive Action took up my flex slot as I had recently been playing a lot of Mushin No Shin PE and found it to be invaluable there, in this matchup it was primarily used to recycle biotics, friends, and hedge funds.

R1: Baba Andy with a hidden Fisk - Relatively early on I was able to Batty a program trash for his {Baba Yaga](/en/card/11088) it was pretty glorious. Not to be deterred my opponent revealed his true plan with Find the Truth, Top Hat, Laramy Fisk, and Equivocation. He was able to get to 6 points before I was able to close the game out.


R2: Good Stuff Smoke - I was able to get a few campaigns running very early, set up a double gear check server and scored behind it for the first agenda, tested the waters with a 2nd 3/2 to discover no clot. And closed the game out with a double biotic into sansan for GFI.


R3: Şifr Geist - This round we were the top seeds and ID'd but played for fun anyways. He got all of his Tech Trader out within the first 3 turns and I was pretty quickly siphoned down to 0 and the Keyhole started and I just couldn't ever claw my way back.


Ended Swiss on Top Elimination Rounds:

E1: I won the first elim round with my Şifr Kate list.

E2: I faced Şifr Geist from swiss again and got an excellent start with many BBG Campaigns rolling with a good flow of agendas and FA tools. The real turning point was being able to stuff a Temujin run on R&D that left Geist at 1-2 credits and a rezzed Fairchild 3.0 as the 2nd ICE on R&D.

E3(Finals): Due to Şifr Geist playing Corp on two games and Runner on one: I was lucky enough to not have to face his CI7 deck in the first final round. He had a much better start more similar to the match in swiss. I got some campaigns rolling, but Geist along with my FA efforts eventually was enough to keep me pretty poor. I was able to get to 6 points to his 2 points pretty quickly but that's when the credit denial really set in hard.

After not being able to find any further FA tools (biotic'd out all 3 agendas to get to 6, and couldn't find Jackson or Preempted), I ended up severely flooded with 2 3/2s, a GFI, and the Sales Team in and with a piece of ice. In came Information sifting. I had to split the 3/2s into separate piles as they were the last 3/2 agendas left, I also couldn't put 3 agendas into a pile and risk losing on the spot so the game goes 6-6. It stays this way for quite some time with a NEXT Silver on both HQ and R&D it was overtaxing Geist's breakers that could only break 3 of the subroutines. I was finally able to build up enough money to biotic out the last 3/2 for the win.