Why are you still buying cards? (Undefeated-NE Store Champs)

strundle 350

I haven't played Netrunner in over 6 months. But hey, it's store champs season, my girlfriend just dumped me like a sack of potatoes, and I need a reason to get out of the house before the dark thoughts start creeping in. So why not show up and play a few games?

What's that? The meta is radically different and I don't know what half the cards from Business First forward actually do? That's okay -- I'll just bring some decks that are everything I love about NR, take some lumps on the chin, and it will still be better than spending the day staring at the wall and wondering where everything went wrong.

Or maybe I'll go undefeated because everyone forgot how to play against this stuff. That's cool, too.

This is basically the same deck I ran for most of 2015 Regional/Nats season. I follow the forums enough to know about SIFR hysteria and Rumor Mill devastation, so I dropped the Ash/ELCs and burned all my influence on Architects. Turned out not to be necessary as there wasn't much focus on ice destruction, but RP is good so I still won even though I showed up with the wrong tech.

Anyway, my girlfriend is still gone, but I put the Store Champ plaque on her pillow, and I make out with the bye card every night after I turn out the lights, so things are looking up.

Full disclosure: this was a 5 person store champ. So, you know, 'undefeated' just means I went 3-0. I'm still probably the greatest Netrunner of all time, though.

This was played at the store champs for The Game Shoppe in Bellevue, NE on 1/28/17. Moved info down here to allow for string length on deck title. =)

30 Jan 2017 chrome

This is THE BEST writeup.

30 Jan 2017 Hallenbach

Best bounce back ever.

30 Jan 2017 willsta

@Hallenbach Man it would have been perfect if that comment was on the leela list with similar description :'(

30 Jan 2017 Swiftie

Great write up :D

30 Jan 2017 strundle

Thanks folks! =)

31 Jan 2017 Fruggles

Delete Social Life ✓

Hit the Store Champs ✓

Level Up ✓

1 Feb 2017 Blitz40k

Isn't having a girlfriend like constantly being hit with account siphon anyways? =)

2 Feb 2017 Dead Drop

Apart from Rumor mill that will blank caprice, and Sifr that will dig your central server, and apart from temijun that will make the runner rich enough to trashes all your assets, I see no problem. No, but seriously, I also like to have fun playing. And it's that deck that hooked me up :)