W.R.A.I.T.H.0.1 (Stealth)

rezwits 56

W.R.A.I.T.H.0.1 = Write Read A.I. True Host v0.1 (Stealth Build)

Finally, got around to building my AI Runner, based off of Person of Interest.

The main focus of this deck is none other than Replicator. This card is a beast in this deck and mandatory for building a city wide rig (and relocations, although I haven't gotten into building a Levy AR Lab Access version Apocalypse).

You always keep a Replicator hand, or in other words mulligan to get one, unless a saucy credit hand. Construction of the rig is based on playing two Replicators in a row grabbing your 3rd copy. With your next turn installing the 3rd face down.

This works for Heartbeat, Brain Cage, Dyson Mem Chip, and ridiculously with Spy Camera. Netting face down cards and 3 Spy Cameras for a quick Brainstorm (mtg ref), and then reshuffle if playing the 4th and then 5th too.

I cannot stress how mandatory the Replicator is in this deck solely for it's shuffle ability with camera digging.

This build alpha tested a Stealth rig, for starters. This version is too slow. (See Other Builds/Versions)

30 Jan 2017 rezwits

When I saw Spy Camera, I was like oh hell yeah, Replicator for the win... but then I was like eh... But then I saw Spyware {decklist}, and said oh hell yeah "Person of Interest" the show for real! haha

30 Jan 2017 Krams

Hey there :)
Some "mean" questions for you... (I mean well, just want to help you deckbuilding.)

Why Globalsec Security Clearance? If you want to look at the top of R&D, use SpyCam! Isn't it awkward to set up with a 0 runner?

Why Magnum Opus over Cloak in a stealth build?

Do you really need the handsize from 3(!) Brain Cages? It's not for damage protection, because you're running Heartbeat as 3-of console, so what is it for?

And lastly, the "meanest" question: Why Apex? This looks like it could work out of most shaper IDs. For real benefit of the mini faction you could include more Apex cards, like Wasteland (works with Heartbeat, Hunger and the from SpyCam) or Apocalypse.

30 Jan 2017 rezwits

The whole point of Globalsec Security Clearance is to establish a late game soft-lock, where you don't have to waste time running. I was thinking about throwing say Eden Shard for instance so that every turn without having to burn a Spy Camera unless absolutely needed, and most times you burn on their turn to get benefit from Reaver and Grounds again.

The Opus, which gets cut, any way. Was there to fuel getting the Hardware and Software out in general.

Brain Cage is unique, so I am not going to get more than 1 in play. But the benefit is drawing just 1 Brain Cage is nice, because with the 2x Replicator you grab the other 2 so they are thinning the deck, and you can use the Identities ability, to play them face down to feed Heartbeat and Endless Hunger. But as far as use, it's nice when you get a good 3 DEEP Spy Cam, and then draw draw draw, then next turn you can 3 DEEP Spy Cam if you don't like, drop another Spy Cam and shuffle. But even if you don't have Spy Cams it's helpful to just DRAWx4 to DIG...

I am working on a crossover v0.5 that is a BotNet version but can be used in Anarch so, yeah, but Endless Hunger and Heartbeat are SICK! so is 25 INF to get 5 Spy Cams...