Jinteki Med-School (2.0 year)

yeoda 945

Made it through the first year of Jinteki Med School. There's lots more research and studying to do with this deck.

Key topics: Mushin no shin and trick of light are your scoring engines. These two operations should be reused with archives memories as much as possible.

Mulligan for Mushin no shin or Econ. 1 ETR ice should suffice with a Mushin.

Turn 1: Mushin no shin a plan b or junebug or gamble and stick ice down over any agenda.

Turn 2 - 3: focus on Econ, and advancing ice wall and shadow.

Turn 4: if you have trick of light, score your 2nd agenda to make it match point. If not, turn four will focus more on Econ and drawing.

The principles still apply in the FA. A 3/2 will be scored if you have two advancement tokens on advance-able ice and a trick of light. Even. The 4/2 can be scored in one with 2 trick of lights and 4 tokens on ice. Between razzing ice and advancing them/tokens, you should be pretty poor, so save your Mushin no shin for the right times.

Since it's fairly easy to score out f hand, ice can be focused on central servers as needed. (Be real careful with R&D multiaccess). Account siphon is annoying but you don't really need Econ if you spent the first 3 turns spending money in the right places.

Weaknesses: If you don't ice up R&D against multiaccess (interface and Maker), you will fail...

Account siphon is annoying if you haven't rezzed a lot of ice. Once your ice is all rezzed, let them take what they want and try and score your first two agendas fast. You should take comfort in he fact that Mushin no shin on a plan b, junebug, or agenda will put just as much pressure on the runner even if you have no credits.

Knight seems to be the best card against this FA decks. It seriously is the worst card to deal with. So be sure to keep your central servers clear of those as much as possible.

I think with expose, you might lose some edge in the guessing game, so be aware if your opponents like to expose your perfectly set traps. If so, trick of light seems to salvage those Mushin tokens.

For year 3.0, I'm looking to you peers for evaluation and review. Let me know what you think and what exploits there maybe here.

Thanks guys

10 Apr 2014 bubo

I'm glad to see a 2.0 version of your deck, and the direction that you are taking this.

Is Shadow the correct ICE for 3 slots? Shadow gains you a couple of credits and a tag, but there's nothing to take advantage of that tag. I'd prefer to see an ETR card here, the new Shinobi ICE, or the awesome Caprice Nisei upgrade. Caprice on R&D offers impressive odds against multi-access, and then can be installed on the remote for the match point attempt.

I'm still a little wary of Anonymous Tip and Archived Memories here. Like I said in 1.0, they feel like they'd only be used if you are losing to the Runner. If you still want to keep these protections, then free up card slots and influence with Jackson Howard instead of 4 different dedicated cards.

I like Medical Research Fundraiser, I really do. However, you need some insurance against the gift credits to the Runner, such as RSVP ICE. Without that guarantee, the MRF simply gives you 1 credit over Hedge Fund at the cost of handing the Runner 3 credits.

I'm on the fence about Philotic Entanglement. Due to the nature of your build, Philotic can only serve 2 points of net damage to the Runner with no supporting damage. I see that it's serving the role of a 3/2 Agenda, but I'd keep that earmarked for later replacement if another Jinteki accessible 3/2 appears.

If you take a look at the Party Planner deck that I recently posted, you'll see that I've placed Precognition in a Medtech build. Why don't you try a couple of test cases with Precog in the deck and see if you arrive at the same conclusion that I did during my test cases. Also, review Party Planner's use of Inazuma and RSVP in a Medtech deck to see if you feel a little more secure with that style of protection.

10 Apr 2014 bubo

I meant to include the statement that Precognition provides the ability to schedule 15% of your deck on turn 1 due to the 40 card deck and 5 card starting hand, and that percentage increases as play progresses. It can be used to speed up your strategy or provide a turn or two of R&D protection, depending on how your game state is.

10 Apr 2014 yeoda

sweet. Yeah I had Precog in there and I found it pretty useful, I'll play with it again. I do agree with shadow though. I thought having more ice to advance would be great, but It's just an easy way to get through a server. I might throw back in some rototurrets.

I'll have to really play with some of the ice/upgrades you suggested. Also, what if I took out the Nisei's and philotic to include two executive retreats (name?). I think those 3 pointers that allow me to draw 5 would free up a slot and help me dig faster.

I'm just playing around for now. Trying everything and leaving nothing out while I still learn the game.

10 Apr 2014 bubo

For some reason, your build reminded me of a nasty piece of shell gaming I did a couple of weeks ago. I Mushined into Plan B on turn 1, and scored a Nisei MK II. On Turn 3, I Mushined a Braintrust outside of my remote server. The Runner figured it was a trap of some sort, and ignored it all game. When I reached match point, I scored that Agenda for the win. I have to admit, it was a very satisfying win.

My reasoning was solid at the time. I had measured the Runner on cautious after the Plan B, and it was early enough in the game that 2 Agenda points would have brought him even with me. When he did not go for the bait, I figured that I would just leave it outside for the time being while I focused on other priorities. When we entered Phase 3, I realized that I could still leave it out there thanks to the Nisei token.

10 Apr 2014 bubo

Keep in mind that Mushin places tokens on ANY asset/agenda/upgrade, not just advanceable cards. Tokens that are fair game for Trick of Light. Mushin a Caprice into a location, and then use the tokens later to score an agenda.

I am a fan of Executive Retreats, but I worry about their exposure in this deck. I like to play a stronger shell game when I dig out the 5 advancement cost Agendas, or alternative protection like RSVP into pay-to-steal Agendas.

If you want to dig faster through the deck, then I'd look more towards Jackson Howard and Power Shutdown combos rather than risking Executive Retreat. Possibly include Interns for some added recursion.

If you choose to keep the operation heavy build, take a look at importing Accelerated Diagnostics. With almost half of your deck operations, and Precog active, then I think you might be able to regularly trip a power turn with AD.