Unorthodox Exorcism (3-0 @ the Game Cave GNK, Hermitage TN)

kevnburg 391

UPDATE: Should be 2x Celebrity Gift and 2x Himitsu-Bako. Reigen fights peacefully

Reigen Arataka of Mob Psycho 100 is a powerful psychic with a secret: He has no psychic powers whatsoever. He exudes a confidence that terrifies his opponents before they realize the con. This deck operates on a similar principle: Use cheap barriers and bold installs to quickly score agendas before the runner realizes you're a wimpy con-artist with none of the damage threats expected from Jinteki.

Use a single remote for all your scoring and don't be afraid to leave a central server or 3 undefended. Also try not to fight against the same player twice. This deck went undefeated in 3 rounds of Swiss (though my runner lost every game).

Plan #1 - Triple Breakthrough (Standard)

Use a turn 1 Chimera or Vanilla to quickly score a Medical Breakthrough alongside "Clones are not People." Never advance the second, then finish the game with an impressive Fast Track + install + Trick of Light 1-turn combo. Manually advance an Ice Wall if necessary for the Trick tokens.

Reigen's incredible hands

Plan #2 - Double Protein (Unorthodox)

Install a naked Unorthodox Predictions turn 1, watch as the runner thinks it's a Snare!, and score it turn 2. Next, "Clones are not People" a Clone Retirement while the runner still thinks this is a kill deck. It is at this point that the runner may start to doubt the danger of your "psychic powers." It's okay, though. Just single-Barrier every server and then reveal your true power:

-Click 1: Fast Track an Improved Protein Source.

-Click 2: Install Improved Protein Source behind your Vanilla remote.

-Click 3: 24/7 News Cycle, forfeiting some clone to trigger Unorthodox Predictions and make all of your barriers unbreakable.

-Runner's Turn: Laugh as they run on every server only to see an army of cheap unbreakable barriers. Cry if they have Parasite or bypass effects.

-Next Turn: Use your Tennin token and your 3 clicks to quadruple advance and score Protein. If they ran through something with Parasite, wipe those tears and use Trick of Light to retrieve those advancement tokens you put on their Sifr earlier in the game.

Rinse and repeat this secret technique for your final 3 points.

Reigen's hypnosis

Plan #3 - Haphazard Blitz (Highly Unorthodox)

Sometimes the runner steals a Breakthrough. Sometimes all your Predictions and Fast Tracks are on the bottom of your deck. Sometimes the runner plays an AI Breaker + Medium turn 1. It is at these moments that this deck's fragility is put to the test and that you, Reigen Arataka, World's Greatest Psychic, must persevere. Score everything you can as quickly as you can. Mix food and medication. Draw past their RnD lock until you have the Fast Tracks and Agendas to close the game in hand. Pray for Will-o'-the-Wisps and Swordsmen to do their jobs. Laugh maniacally to convince them that you are truly a dangerous psychic, and that your X credits are definitely enough to fire one of the 50 Snares certainly flooding RnD. Forfeit a Medical Breakthrough to have 24/7 News Cycle+Unorthodox Predictions protect an Improved Protein Source only to realize later that you really needed the lower advancement requirement from keeping that Breakthrough in a player's score area. If you don't win quickly, you will lose, and this need to rush out points before the runner's setup makes piloting Unorthodox Exorcism a thrill.

flustered Reigen

Thankfully, a good amount of testing on and lucky matchups let this deck go undefeated at my local GNK. My runner deck, on the other hand, lost every game, putting my overall record at 3-3.

Game #1: Hayley Kaplan w/ Panchatantra & trashable breakers (7-4)

Kept a starting hand with Improved Protein Source, Unorthodox Predictions, Hedge Fund, and some ICE. Turn 1 Hedge Funded and installed that Protein behind a Chimera. HQ never had rezzed ICE on it, so he sniped the Unorthodox Predictions from HQ. Turn 2 I was dumb and double advanced the protein instead of installing a second barrier on the server; a new Panchatantra + Deus X proceeded to wreck my Chimera server, and it was then that I understood how his deck generally functioned. Down by 4 points, this was a rough start. Learned my lesson and triple ICEd the remote to score the first two Medical Breakthrough (he had 2 panchantantras out and was just barely locked out when I scored the second one). He then spent the rest of the game setting up to break my scoring remote, but I didn't need it anymore. He also had a Spy Camera RND lock and theoretical ways to get past the Himitsu-Bako sitting there (would require installing new trashable breakers), but I played "Clones are not People", double advanced an Ice Wall, and then next turn Fast Tracked the final Medical Breakthrough, installed it, and used Trick of Light to score it alongside "Clones are not People" for my final 3 points.

Reigen walks away

Game #2: Andromeda w/ Data Leak Reversal and Security Nexus (7-6)

Oh no I am fighting the one person here that knows how my deck works. Thankfully he switched out his aggressive Whizzard Sifr for a slower DLR Security Nexus deck. Two Improved Protein Sources in my opening 6 cards helped me to win that game. Turn 1 I Hedge Funded, installed a Improved Protein Source, and put an ICE on the remote. Added a second piece of ICE to that remote and scored both Improved Protein Sources by turn 5 or 6, bringing me to a quick 6 points whilst he almost fruitlessly hammered RnD (he got a few points from it). He's decently setup and trying to tag himself to mill me, but I'm not rezzing any ICE so he can't tag himself with Security Nexus. Right before I score the winning Clone Retirement with Fast Track + Trick of Light, he account siphons my precious two credits away and uses the tags to start milling and stealing from Archives. I click back up to two credits to do the same thing next turn when the Black File lands. I'm VERY annoyed, but Citadel Sanctuary auto clears those tags he got pretty quickly, and he wasn't able to mill enough or get enough lucky accesses from RND. I double ICE archives and a desperate RnD run -> rebirth into Laramy Fisk -> make me draw and hit RnD again is his second to last turn. The Black File clears at the start of his next turn, and I'm smiling at 7 points while he's at 6. That was a close one. I hate you, the Black File.

Relieved ReigenGame #3: Andromeda -> Fisk Rebirth w/ Baba Yaga & Logos (8-3)

Not the best opening hand post-Mulligan. Had 2 premature Trick of Lights, two Swordsman, a "Clones are not People", and no Hedge Funds. Dropped the two lousy Swordsman on HQ and RND to scare off early runs. Struggled to draw good end the run ICE for the first few turns, but finally got a Chimera and scored a "Clones are not People" + Improved Protein Source in my 1-ICE remote for 4 points. Then suddenly the Logos setup happened: Baba Yaga + Faerie + Breach. I score a Clone Retirement from hand, he steals the second Clone Retirement from hand while I'm poor, and then he makes his first major strike: an Account Siphon run into HQ. Swordsman was a true hero and forced him to trash the Faerie on Baba Yaga. He never ran HQ again. I didn't see another Faerie for the rest of the game. I also never had the money to justify rezzing the RnD Swordsman or put any other protections on RnD, so he got a Medical Breakthrough from there. While he was recovering his setup to deal with the HQ Swordsman and searching for Equivocation, I Trick of Lighted an Unorthodox Predictions to put me at 6, and finally used the second Trick of Light from my opening hand and an Ice Wall to score the second Medical Breakthrough from hand, bringing me to 8 points. The whole time he was making me draw a ton of cards with Fisk Investment Seminar and I was giving him a ton of money with Medical Research Fundraiser. It was a good runner-corp relationship. Thanks, Swordsman.

Reigen's relaxed greeting

That's the deck. 24/7 News Cycle and Will-o'-the-Wisp didn't do any work today, but they've been helpful a few times online. Consider adjusting the Will-o'-the-Wisp to Swordsman ratio to better suit your meta. Maybe drop a 24/7 News Cycle for Rototurrets or an Archer. If you'd rather bring the deck down to 45 cards, I used to run this without the Himitsu-Bakos, but I struggled with agenda flood, and Himitsu-Bako is particularly decent against the new Sifr + parasite meta.

5 Feb 2017 BubBidderskins

Looks like a pretty hilarious deck to lose against.

5 Feb 2017 Vitesse0

What do you do against Kit, parasites or Sifr? Would you consider replacing one Green Level Clearance for a Friends in High Places?

5 Feb 2017 kevnburg

I wouldn't drop a Green Level Clearance, but I would drop a 24/7 News Cycle for additional tech, which could be Friends. I haven't felt a strong need for Friends, though. I've tended to draw enough ICE to deal with the destruction, and this deck moves so quickly that Friends would often be a dead draw; I'd rather have more ICE. Himitsu-Bako is my main tech against ICE-destruction, and adding a third one in would be my first step if I started fighting more speedy Parasite decks.

For example, I've found that I beat most Shaper Şifr decks before their parasite engine is properly setup. The fastest versions of the Faust + Şifr + Medium Anarch decks are the main problem, but that's more due to Faust and Medium digs than the ICE destruction part. If I'm against Kit or expecting parasites to wreck my zero strength ICE, I'll double ICE my remote. If I'm against Atman 0, I'm ok if I get Swordsman or two pieces of higher strength ICE.

7 Feb 2017 Tperie

How do I gain enough confidence to con them?

7 Feb 2017 maluslumen

Tested this deck, and I LOVE IT. Maybe gonna take it to a SC once i tweak it for the meta. Is the Celebrity Gift essential? Was thinking Subliminal Messaging could work in the deck as well.

Also how do you respond to Temüjin Contract? You let them go or try to interrupt?

7 Feb 2017 kevnburg

@maluslumen- I don't use Celebrity Gift often, as spending two clicks on pure econ is really slow here. I only use it for economic emergencies. Subliminal Messaging could work, though I wouldn't expect it to fire very often. Medical Research Fundraiser and Green Level Clearance are the real economic stars of this deck. I'm personally going to test dropping a 24/7 for influence and replacing the Gifts with Shipments from SanSan

I have rarely contested an early Temujin placed on Archives. Stopping the early RnD or HQ ones can be nice, but if given a choice between spending my turn stopping a Temujin or setting up an agenda, I lean towards setting up the agenda.

@Tperie- Whenever you're feeling doubt or nervousness, just go to the tried and true method of asking the runner how many cards they have in hand. Just keep asking them that question, and the fear in their face should provide all the confidence you need.

16 Feb 2017 kevnburg

Currently in testing -

Removed: 2x 24/7 News Cycle, 2x Celebrity Gift (6 influence freed)

Added: 2x Sapper, 2x Shipment from SanSan